Milestones, Video — December 15, 2010 at 7:36 am

Milestones: Paul Simonon is 55 today; watch The Clash play ‘Guns of Brixton’ in 1980

Today we mark the birthday of Paul Simonon — he’s turning 55 — with this performance of The Clash bassist’s signature tune, “The Guns of Brixton,” filmed April 25, 1980, for the band’s second-ever U.S. television appearance on ABC’s late-night show “Fridays,” a short-lived “Saturday Night Live” knockoff.

Simonon currently is playing in Damon Albarn’s cartoon act Gorillaz alongside former Clash bandmate Mick Jones; that band has denied reports this week that Simonon suffered a stroke while on tour in Australia, saying, simply, “he wasn’t feeling well.”


  1. That’s not Alan Thicke, that’s Jack Burns, a comedian.

  2. That’s not Alan Thicke. It’s Jack Burns, Fridays cast member and one half of Burns and Schreiber.

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