Video — December 21, 2010 at 12:15 am

Video: Duran Duran’s ‘All You Need Is Now’

With Duran Duran’s first album in three years — All You Need Is Now — now available via iTunes, it should come as no surprise that the original music-video band has, in fact, made a music video to promote lead single “All You Need Is Now.” This clip premiered Monday night on Yahoo Music, and features arty black-and-white performance shots interspersed with vintage footage of the band.



  1. This song actually sounds like a mix of Medazzland, Pop Trash, and 7 & the Ragged Tiger sound more than anything that resembles the ‘follow up to Rio’.

    The first part sounds more like Medazza/Pop Trash then it breaks into an ‘I Take the Dice/Cracks in the Pavement – esque’ chorus. Like I said, sounds nothing like Rio and more like those albums.

    Roger looks eternally bored here. He really needs some acting lessons, lol. I mean he’s been back in the band 10 years now…act like you care buddy and its not just a paycheck like it was for Andy Taylor from 2001 – 2006, lol.

    I like the new guitarist. He’s got a good energy about him, but its still weird to not see Andy or Warren up there.

    Nick and John, same as ever.

    Simon Le Beard… Remember when he did this for Wild Boys? Yeah it didn’t work then.

    This song is on the same level as Pop Trash/Astronaut, a middle of the road track that is certainly nowhere near the brilliance of anything from the 81 – 85 period or Ordinary World, Come Undone. I actually think ‘Sunrise’ is a better song.

    It’s at least much better than anything off Red Carpet Disaster – which was a worse album than even ‘Liberty’.

    We’ll see how the rest of the album sounds… I give this track a 7/10

  2. am i the only one who thinks it’s odd that you scored a song in a comments section? anyways, have you seen the planet earth video? roger has looked bored since 1979. why should he change now?

  3. Duran Duran talking about the digital release of their 13th album, All You Need is Now

  4. nick rasmussen

    Wil you just want to throw negative comments upon it all. What a great song. compare this to all of the crap that gets sent out these days and you have got a winner. Way to go. Coming down the line Simon, John, Nick And Roger. A real Duran Duran fan will know where that line came from.

  5. I agree on the song not sounding anything like a song to follow anything from Rio. Where is the hooky moving bass line? Where is the hooky guitar? Where are the hooky vocals?
    It doesnt suck but I am hoping for better from the rest of the album.

  6. listened to the record this morning and trust me, those bass lines are there. it’s still not really too much of what i listen to now, but track 3 took me right back to high school and is straight from careless memories or planet earth. listening to this record (after not really giving much of a listen to practically any of their new stuff) made me realize that the fabulous bass was largely what made their old stuff so great.

  7. “Where is the hooky moving bass line? Where is the hooky guitar? Where are the hooky vocals?”

    They are all on “Girl Panic!” and plenty of others from the album.

  8. Nothing against them but this sounds like a B-Side from the first comeback. A single refrain is not a chorus. Very weak. Either way not a very promising start or single. And someone tell Simon he looks like a fat Eric Cantona. I’d tell him myself but he doesn’t take my phone calls anymore after calling him that to his face. I know, that wasn’t very nice but true nonetheless.

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