Video, Vintage Video — January 1, 2011 at 9:19 am

Vintage Video: U2 performs ‘New Year’s Day’ in the studio for French TV documentary

Haven’t run across this one before: It’s a promo of U2 performing along to what sounds like the album version of “New Year’s Day” in the studio, circa 1983. Apparently it was part of a French TV documentary on the band — and perhaps it was filmed as an alternate version to the famous snow-filled video. Make sure you watch until the end to hear Bono declare: “U2. It’s just a number and a letter.”

Anyway, seems appropriate to post today. Happy New Year, everyone.


  1. XTC was on that program as well, or something very similar if not that exact one.
    Cool show.

  2. Great to see Bono so young. I am a huge U2 fan, even have read all the books. Been listening to them for 25 years.

  3. Wow, scary that they were able to lipsync so well, so early in their career.

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