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Milestones: Bernard Sumner is 55 today; see full New Order concert film from 1985

It’s Bernard Sumner’s birthday today — he’s turning 55 — and to celebrate, we present this somewhat rare New Order concert film called “Pumped Full of Drugs” that was released on VHS in the U.K. in 1986 (and apparently at some point emerged briefly on DVD in Japan). The nine-song set was recorded May 2, 1985, at Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall in Tokyo (see full tracklist below). Check it out.

See tracklist for New Order’s ‘Pumped Full of Drugs’ after the jump…

New Order, 'Pumped Full of Drugs'

Tracklist: New Order, “Pumped Full of Drugs”

1. “Confusion”
2. “Love Vigilantes”
3. “We All Stand”
4. “As It Is When It Was”
5. “Subculture”
6. “Face Up”
7. “Sunrise”
8. “This Time Of Night”
9. “Blue Monday”



  1. hey… i have that DVD.

  2. I remember seeing bits of this on a bad vhs copy in the late 80’s. Wish it would get a proper release!

  3. Tower Records in LA had the VHS – shows you how long ago it was, I ripped the audio to cassette (and still have it).

  4. great! there is no download link? =(

  5. As It Is When It Was, great song – too bad only one of these guys, Hooky, wants to come to the US and play music – they’ve still got loyal fans here

  6. @uofsc93
    I remember seeing this at Tower Records and Moby Disc in Sherman Oaks. Always loved this title.

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