Digital Music — January 22, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Stream: R.E.M., ‘Überlin’; plus, band says it won’t tour behind ‘Collapse Into Now’

R.E.M., 'Uberlin'

Another week, another song emerges off R.E.M.’s upcoming Collapse Into Now: This time, it’s track 3 off the album, “Überlin,” which is being pushed as a single in Europe. You can stream the song — the fifth to be heard so far off the album — below, courtesy of De Ozonlaag (via Consequence of Sound), and check out the other four Collapse songs at the links below. Also of note today: CoS points out that R.E.M. manager Bertis Downs has confirmed the band will not tour behind the new record, due out March 8.

Stream R.E.M.’s ‘Überlin’ after the jump…



  1. No tour means I don’t buy the album. What is the point of putting out an album if you don’t tour it? These new songs pretty much suck, this album will be lucky to break 100K sold, if that.

    REM are foolish not to do at least a short tour to promote the album. Eh doesn’t matter they haven’t played Portland, OR since 1995 anyway.

  2. The point of an album is to put out good music. If you don’t like the music, that’s fine but just because they don’t tour doesn’t change the music.

  3. I’m buying two copies of this record. One for me and one for will.

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