Milestones, Video — January 31, 2011 at 8:57 am

Milestones: John Lydon is 55 today; check out Time Zone’s ‘World Destruction’ video

Punk/post-punk icon John Lydon turns 55 today, and to commemorate, rather than choose between the equally groundbreaking Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. — although we here at Slicing Up Eyeballs do prefer PiL by a wide margin — here’s something equally important: Lydon’s collaboration with Afrika Bambaataa on Time Zone’s 1984 single “World Destruction.” Which, for many people these days, is probably best known for soundtracking Tony Soprano’s walk down his driveway to pick up his morning newspaper in the fourth-season premiere of “The Sopranos.”



  1. huge club song back in the day! Never seen this video!

  2. I seriously had no idea this collaboration even existed. Thanks for posting! Incredible!

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