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Contest: Win signed Heaven 17 ‘Penthouse and Pavement: Live in Concert 2010’ DVD

Heaven 17, 'Penthouse and Pavement: Live in Concert 2010'

Last fall, Heaven 17 released a 2DVD set called “Penthouse and Pavement: Live in Concert 2010” — and if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s your chance to win a copy from Slicing Up Eyeballs. And not just any copy; this one’s autographed by bandmates Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory.

The first disc of the DVD features the full 19-song concert filmed at the band’s hometown gig in Sheffield, England, in March 2010, while the second disc includes a special extended version of the “The Story of Penthouse and Pavement” documentary, with “exclusive new footage of the band,”plus the in-concert films used on the Penthouse and Pavement tour (see full tracklist here).

To enter, simply leave a comment — any comment — below before noon EST Monday, Feb. 14. After that, one winner will be selected at random and contacted via e-mail (so please use a valid address when entering). One word of caution: This is UK DVD release, meaning it’s in the PAL format and can’t be played by most standard U.S. DVD players — however it should be watchable on a computer with a DVD drive.


  1. One of the greatest albums! Great site too. Keep up the great work!

  2. Fantastic album. Hope to see the reunion concert.

  3. awesome!

  4. john vandyke

    i miss the 80’s!!!

  5. Awesome live, Heaven 17 are pioneers of synthpop.

    Let Me Go is the masterpiece!

  6. Looks great! When are these guys ever getting over to the US?

  7. Michael Blackburn

    I hope I win.

  8. Want.

  9. I have an all-region dvd player specifically for things like this! Cross your fingers.

  10. “Play to Win” Still find that song inspiring

  11. He-la-hu!!!!

  12. BrianUnited


  13. darren miller


  14. I like them despite what Johnny Marr says about them.

  15. I agree with memtnbike. and i’m pretty excited to watch it!

  16. We live so fast!

  17. Jesse Bartmess

    Just like Heaven…..17

  18. i need this facist groove thang

  19. The 2CD reissue has been in the player constantly for a couple weeks–love the demos. Viva Heaven 17!

  20. Heaven 17 Hell 0!!!!!!!!

  21. great band!

  22. An H17 fan since 1983, and I have never had a chance to see these guys in the US of A… this DVD must make it into my clutches.

  23. Very nice.

  24. thanks!

  25. One of my favorites!

  26. yes pls! awesome!

  27. Scott W. Stice


  28. Great album and group overlooked here in the U.S.

  29. Fantastic album and 80’s classic. I would love to see this live in its entirety as the likelihood of Heaven 17 playing Australia any time soon is slim to none…

    Love the site and thanks for everything you do!

    Rob from Melbourne

  30. I am so happy that you still do care about this kind of music! I’d love to see Heaven 17 live in Prague, thanks for your effort! With best wishes, Kristian

  31. Robert McLeish

    The album broke the mould of gray industrial music in the early 80’s when I was growing up in England. It has always managed to cheer me up whenever I have listened to it.

  32. I have not seen this! I really want to see them live, but this would be the next best thing.

  33. MinnesotaErin

    Thanks so much for keeping me posted about all my favorite bands. Great work guys!

  34. daren davey

    I love Heaven 17! It would be so cool to have a signed copy of their album! I hope you pick me!

  35. Aloha Heaven!

  36. Stairway to Heaven 17

  37. Sick.

  38. Love Heaven 17!!!!!!!

  39. Let’s All Make a Bomb is such a great song off that album. I actually have a DVD player that is open formats including PAL. I have some DM PAL DVDs that play perfectly.

  40. ‘Soul Warfare’ is my favorite but the whole thing is great! Cheers!

  41. I love the time and effort that has gone into these P&P reissues, well worth it.

  42. mary anne tom

    I don’t care what that one guy said, I’ll take the dvd. I liked Heaven 17!

  43. It’s a pity Ian Craig Marsh has dissapeared and wants nothing to do with the band any more. What a great album this is.

  44. Let Me Go !!!

  45. Goodbye to the pavement, hello to my soul!

  46. Keep up the great work!

  47. Great album, I was only 11 and I could already tell they’d been listening to Kraftwerk…well my brother told me that.

  48. thomas Mulvihill

    ahead of its time when it came out & still to this day!
    one of my all time favorite albums WORK HARD!

  49. Gloria Bradley

    My husband would love this video. Keep up the fantastic work on this website — excellent news and great music! Thanks.

  50. Cool. Leaving a comment.

  51. feb 14th….me bday! woot

  52. John Melandro

    So happy about a new Heaven 17 release of any kind!

  53. Lovely guys,great album,sold them some photo gear a long time ago.

  54. wish they would release this over here – I’ve had problems with delivery from lately…


  55. I’m being crushed by the wheels of industry. Thanks “Slicing” for being my one stop shop for news on my favorite bands from the ’80s!

  56. Brian Andersen

    Geisha Boys And Temple Girls is one of the forgotten hits from the album – still today the album is one of a kind

  57. Keep up the incredible effort!

  58. Love the site and the album.

  59. Hahaha watchable in most DVD players in the USA….just go to videohelp website and look up the remote code for your DVD player and voila PAL no problem on your tv.
    Thanks for the contest, I adore the Heaven 17…and how they got their name from A Clockwork Orange.

  60. Never got to see them live – this would surely be the next best thing!

  61. I love ther music…

  62. Canuck80sGuy

    The last piece needed to complete my H17 discography.

    Fates don’t fail me now!!!

  63. Awesome! I keep hoping They’ll head on over to San Francisco and play the Fillmore. Love H17.

  64. Great site – keep it up!

  65. Enter me please…and hope Heaven 17 tour the US this summer!

  66. Ohh- that band brings back a lot of memories. Would love to win!!

  67. Great album, bought when it came out! Bought again on CD a couple of years ago, the one with the bonus stuff. At the time they were incredibly great.

  68. Memories…I had a great shag with Heaven 17 playing in the background back in the day!

  69. Barbara Krantz

    Will always remember the first time I heard Heaven 17….haven’t stopped listening since then!! Please tour the US.

  70. play to win!

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