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The Charlatans to reissue ‘Us and Us Only’ as 2CD set with 19 bonus tracks in March

The Charlatans, circa 2000

Madchester survivors The Charlatans will follow up last year’s double-disc re-release of debut album Some Friendly this spring with an expanded reissue of 1999’s Us and Us Only, supplementing the record’s original 11 tracks  with 19 bonus B-sides, remixes, radio sessions and live tracks.

Due out March 21 in the U.K. on Universal Music, the Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition features 30 songs spread across two CDs, and digital orders through iTunes will also come with downloadable music videos for three of the album’s tracks — “Forever,” “My Beautiful Friend” and “Impossible” (see full tracklist below).

In addition to remastered edition of the original album, the new set will feature three remixes of “My Beautiful Friend,” the B-sides to the “Forever,” “My Beautiful Friend” and “Impossible” singles, tracks recorded for BBC sessions and “Later with Jools Holland,” and a pair of songs recorded at the Reading Festival in 1999.

See tracklist for ‘Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition’ after the jump…

The Charlatans, 'Us and Only Us: Deluxe Edition'

Tracklist: The Charlatans, Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition

1. “Forever”
2. “Good Witch, Bad Witch 1”
3. “Impossible”
4. “The Blonde Waltz”
5. “A House Is Not A Home”
6. “Senses”
7. “My Beautiful Friend”
8. “I Don’t Care Where You Live”
9. “The Blind Stagger”
10. “Good Witch, Bad Witch 2”
11. “Watching You”
12. “Good Witch/Bad Witch 3” [Japanese Version]
13. “My Beautiful Friend” (Jagz Kooner Remix) [B-side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
14. “My Beautiful Friend” (Lionrock Mix) [B-side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
15. “My Beautiful Friend” (Lionrock Instrumental Mix) [B-side to My Beautiful Friend”]

1. “Forever” (Edit) [Single Edit]
2. “A Great Place To Leave” [B-Side to “Forever”]
3. “When Your Ship Comes In” [B-Side to “Forever”]
4. “Sleepy Little Sunshine Boy” [B-Side to “Forever”]
5. “Scorched” [B-Side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
6. “Your Precious Love” [B-Side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
7. “Don’t Go Giving It Up” [B-Side to “Impossible”]
8. “You Got It, I Want It” [B-Side to “Impossible”]
9. “Impossible” [Mark Radcliffe 15/10/99]
10. “Senses” [Evening Session Oct 99]
11. “My Beautiful Friend” [Evening Session Oct 99]
12. “The Blind Stagger” [Evening Session Oct 99]
13. “Forever” [Live Reading Festival 28/8/99]
14. “Senses” [Live Reading Festival 28/8/99]
15. “A House Is Not A Home” [Later with Jools Holland 23/10/99]

1. “Forever” *
2. “My Beautiful Friend” *
3. “Impossible” *

* Available only with digital bundle via iTunes



  1. Meh. Stone Roses wannabe’s.

  2. “Stone Roses wannabe’s”?


    Stone Roses = 2 albums technically, one anyone actually cares about, long broken up.

    Charlatans = 11 albums, still going

    Just sayin’.

  3. Yogi Shoegazer Duncan

    great comment dark30, i’m on your side!!!

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