The Charlatans, circa 2000

Madchester survivors The Charlatans will follow up last year’s double-disc re-release of debut album Some Friendly this spring with an expanded reissue of 1999’s Us and Us Only, supplementing the record’s original 11 tracks  with 19 bonus B-sides, remixes, radio sessions and live tracks.

Due out March 21 in the U.K. on Universal Music, the Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition features 30 songs spread across two CDs, and digital orders through iTunes will also come with downloadable music videos for three of the album’s tracks — “Forever,” “My Beautiful Friend” and “Impossible” (see full tracklist below).

In addition to remastered edition of the original album, the new set will feature three remixes of “My Beautiful Friend,” the B-sides to the “Forever,” “My Beautiful Friend” and “Impossible” singles, tracks recorded for BBC sessions and “Later with Jools Holland,” and a pair of songs recorded at the Reading Festival in 1999.

See tracklist for ‘Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition’ after the jump…

The Charlatans, 'Us and Only Us: Deluxe Edition'

Tracklist: The Charlatans, Us and Us Only: Deluxe Edition

1. “Forever”
2. “Good Witch, Bad Witch 1”
3. “Impossible”
4. “The Blonde Waltz”
5. “A House Is Not A Home”
6. “Senses”
7. “My Beautiful Friend”
8. “I Don’t Care Where You Live”
9. “The Blind Stagger”
10. “Good Witch, Bad Witch 2”
11. “Watching You”
12. “Good Witch/Bad Witch 3” [Japanese Version]
13. “My Beautiful Friend” (Jagz Kooner Remix) [B-side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
14. “My Beautiful Friend” (Lionrock Mix) [B-side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
15. “My Beautiful Friend” (Lionrock Instrumental Mix) [B-side to My Beautiful Friend”]

1. “Forever” (Edit) [Single Edit]
2. “A Great Place To Leave” [B-Side to “Forever”]
3. “When Your Ship Comes In” [B-Side to “Forever”]
4. “Sleepy Little Sunshine Boy” [B-Side to “Forever”]
5. “Scorched” [B-Side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
6. “Your Precious Love” [B-Side to “My Beautiful Friend”]
7. “Don’t Go Giving It Up” [B-Side to “Impossible”]
8. “You Got It, I Want It” [B-Side to “Impossible”]
9. “Impossible” [Mark Radcliffe 15/10/99]
10. “Senses” [Evening Session Oct 99]
11. “My Beautiful Friend” [Evening Session Oct 99]
12. “The Blind Stagger” [Evening Session Oct 99]
13. “Forever” [Live Reading Festival 28/8/99]
14. “Senses” [Live Reading Festival 28/8/99]
15. “A House Is Not A Home” [Later with Jools Holland 23/10/99]

1. “Forever” *
2. “My Beautiful Friend” *
3. “Impossible” *

* Available only with digital bundle via iTunes



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