Milestones, Video — February 13, 2011 at 9:24 am

Milestones: Peter Hook is 55 today; watch Joy Division’s ‘Here Are the Young Men’ film

Iconic Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook — he of the impossibly low-slung four-string — turns 55 today, and to mark the occasion, we present Joy Division’s long-out-of-print VHS concert film “Here Are the Young Men,” released in 1982 and filmed primarily at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester on Oct. 27, 1979. The quality is a bit dark and grainy, and the uploader didn’t include the opening credit sequence set to “Decades” — but there’s some bonus material at the end.



  1. I never noticed Ian Curtis’s mom jeans/khakis before.

  2. Patrick Linnane

    a truly fantastic way to celebrate Hookys 55th. Tape is like its brand new, quality is excellent thank you.

  3. Was Ian singing or having one of hid epileptic seizures?

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