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Free MP3: Bernard Sumner’s Bad Lieutenant, ‘Twist of Fate’ (Reeder’s No Fate Radio Mix)

To promote the release of its new “Twist of Fate” digital remix bundle, Bad Lieutenant — featuring New Order frontman Bernard Sumner — is offering up a free download of a bonus mix not included on the five-track EP: Mark Reeder’s No Fate Radio Remix. Grab that MP3 below, and be sure to check out the rest of the mixes — by Reeder, Koishii & Hush (their mix is featured in the video above) and James Bright — available now via iTunes (see tracklist below).

Download a Bad Lieutenant ‘Twist of Fate’ remix after the jump…

Bad Lieutenant, 'Twist of Fate' Remixes

Tracklist: Bad Lieutenant, ‘Sink or Swim’ Remix Bundle

1. “Twist Of Fate” (Reeder’s Synth Of Fate Remix)
2. “Twist Of Fate” (Koishii & Hush Remix)
3. “Twist Of Fate” (AK47 Bullet Remix)
4. “Poisonous Intent” (James Bright Remix)
5. “Twist Of Fate” (Reeder’s LED’s Twist Again Remix)

Bad Lieutenant – Twist of Fate – Reeder’s No Fate Radio Remix by Prime Management


  1. Love that video mix – sounds awesome! Thanks for the info on the free download too.

  2. These remixes are very good, You can listen to the samples here.

    These 2 remixes are Very good.

    3. Twist of Fate (AK47 Bullett Remix) (8:40)
    5. Poisonous Intent (Brighty Remix) (7:11 )

  3. Bought all the mixes.

    Wonder if the North American tour is still in the cards.

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