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The Mission reissuing ’90s albums ‘Neverland,’ ‘Blue’ next month with bonus tracks

The Mission

Two mid-period albums by goth-rock icons The Mission — 1995’s Neverland and 1996’s Blue — are set to be reissued in the U.K. next month, expanded to include B-sides, remixes and covers of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” and “Pictures of Matchstick Men” by Status Quo.

Due out March 7 on Demon Edsel, the Neverland reissue — rechristened Neverland… Plus — features a second disc loaded with 13 tracks, including the aforementioned covers and five different remixes of album track “Swoon.” On the other hand, the Blue reissue isn’t so bonus-backed, and features just two bonus tracks: a remix of the single “Coming Home” and its original B-side, “Perfect Sunrise” (see tracklists below).

The reissues, however, come without involvement from the band, which is reuniting this fall for its 25th anniversary. Wayne Hussey writes on the Mission’s message board that the releases are “neither sanctioned nor approved by us” (although he notes the label didn’t need to ask permission to re-release the albums). Furthermore, he adds that if the label had asked, “we could have furnished them with extra tracks and such.”

In the end, Hussey seems somewhat ambivalent about the reissues, writing, “If you want it, then buy it. If you don’t wanna fork out the cash, then find (it) somewhere to download for free. I doubt we’ll ever see a penny from this release anyway.”

See the tracklists for the Mission’s reissues after the jump…

The Mission, 'Neverland'

Tracklist: The Mission, Neverland… Plus

Original Album
1. “Raising Cain”
2. “Sway”
3. “Lose Myself In You”
4. “Swoon”
5. “Afterglow” (Reprise)
6. “Stars Don’t Shine Without You”
7. “Celebration”
8. “Cry Like A Baby”
9. “Heaven Knows”
10. “Swim With The Dolphins”
11. “Neverland” (Vocal)
12. “Daddy’s Going To Heaven Now”

Bonus Disc
1. “Raising Cain” (CD Single Edit)
2. “Neverland” (Instrumental)
3. “Swoon”
4. “Whore”
5. “Wasting Away”
6. “Swoon” (Resurrection Mix)
7. “Swoon” (Over The Moon Edit)
8. “Swoon” (Over The Moon Mix)
9. “Swoon” (Bubble Wrap Mix)
10. “Swoon” (Full Balloon Mix)
11. “Lose Myself In You” (Radio Edit)
12. “Instant Karma””
13. “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”

The Mission, 'Blue'

Tracklist: The Mission, Blue

1. “Coming Home”
2. “Get Back To You”
3. “Drown In Blue”
4. “Damaged”
5. “More Than This”
6. “That Tears Shall Drown The Wind”
7. “Black and Blue”
8. “Bang Bang”
9. “Alpha Man”
10. “Cannibal”
11. “Dying Room”
12. “Ever More and Again”
13. “Perfect Sunrise” *
14. “Coming Home” (Godlike Version) *

* Bonus track



  1. Bit of a poor photo choice to go with this article as half of the people in it were not involved in these albums!

  2. Maybe some of these members were not involved in Blue and Neverland… but it’s a nice photo of classic Mission! :)

  3. Maybe if they were involved these wouldn’t be such rubbish albums. And really, SIX! versions of ‘Swoon?’ It wasn’t that impressive to begin with.

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