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Mike Scott releasing demos of The Waterboys’ ‘This Is The Sea’ as ‘In A Special Place’

The Waterboys, 'In a Special Place'

Bandleader Mike Scott this spring will release an album’s worth of piano and vocal demos recorded for The Waterboys’ 1985 record This Is The Sea, the singer has revealed via Twitter. Titled In A Special Place — a lyric from the first line of album opener “Don’t Bang the Drum” — the 15-track collection will be released April 15 on EMI. Scott hasn’t announced the tracklist, but he did post a piano/vocal demo of the aforementioned “Don’t Bang the Drum” on his Soundcloud page last year — which you can stream below.

UPDATE 3/15/11: Album artwork and full tracklist (below) revealed.

Hear Mike Scott’s ‘Don’t Bang the Drum’ demo after the jump…

Tracklist: The Waterboys, In A Special Place: The Piano Demos For This Is the Sea

1. “Don’t Bang The Drum”
2. “Be My Enemy”
3. “All The Bright Horses”
4. “Custer’s Blues”
5. “Beverly Penn”
6. “The Day I Ran Out Of People”
7. “The Pan Within”
8. “Winter In The Blood”
9. “The Woman In Me”
10. “Looking For Dickon”
11. “Paris In The Rain”
12. “Talk About Wings”
13. “The Whole Of The Moon”
14. “Old England”
15. “Trumpets” (Headstrong Remix 2011)

Don’t Bang The Drum (piano demo) by mickpuck



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  3. Chris Whitehead

    Tracklisting is here if interested:

  4. To Dictionary Corner,

    I believe one good source entry deserves another. From the AP Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law:

    Use it to mean a right to do or have something. Do not use it to mean titled.
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