Anniversary, Reissues — March 1, 2011 at 7:39 am

R.E.M. readies 25th anniversary reissue of ‘Lifes Rich Pageant’ with ‘lots of demos’

R.E.M., 'Lifes Rich Pageant'

While R.E.M. is busy promoting its forthcoming new album Collapse Into Now — due out next week — the band will continue its ongoing reissue series with the release later this year of an expanded 25th anniversary edition of 1986’s Lifes Rich Pageant.

Bassist Mike Mills confirmed plans for the reissue in an interview with Billboard, saying it will feature “a lot of demos, some of which I think are actually better than the songs on the record.” Neither a tracklist nor a release date has been announced for the reissue.

Last summer, the band released a 25th-anniversary edition of 1985’s Fables of the Reconstruction that includes a second disc with 14 previously unreleased demos; that set followed reissues of 1983’s Murmur and 1984’s Reckoning in 2008 and 2009, respectively.



  1. Hopefully they will not just turn up the volume and brickwall the songs like they did on their last remaster.

  2. Artis Falkner

    I too hope the loudness wars won’t claim one of my favorite albums as a victim. This album sounded great the way it was, although I can’t wait to hear those demos :)

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