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Stream: George Michael covers New Order’s ‘True Faith’ for Comic Relief. Literally

New Order, 'True Faith'

Last week’s news that troubled pop star George Michael would be covering New Order’s late-’80s smash “True Faith” as a charity single for Comic Relief was met with the appropriate derision — which turns out to be totally warranted, now that we can actually hear the Auto-Tuned bastardization that the ex-Wham! singer has churned out. For some, er, true comic relief, check out the new cover — at your own risk, of course — below, via The Guardian.

Stream George Michael’s ‘True Faith’ after the jump…


  1. Does this exist on Soundcloud? Can’t access the Book of Faces from work and this sounds like an interesting cover.

  2. HAHA, although this review seems to bode otherwise.

  3. Darren Proctor

    Oh man, that might be the worst cover of any tune ever and that list includes William Shatner doing cover tunes. Ugh.

  4. k i’m going to break from the cool kids who are automatically going to hate on George Michael because he’s a pop singer..

    this is legitimately bad, don’t get me wrong. the worst thing about it, though, is that G.M. is a genuinely talented singer who, with the right arrangement, could’ve knocked this out of the park. yes i really think so. why they chose to turn this into a harmonized digital nightmare is beyond me.

  5. OMG, love George, but my god, what was he thinking? I think he needs to go back to smokin whatever he was smokin (or poppin). He’s lost his musi-mojo. ;-)

  6. Agreed with mike and Dino. I made it through 42 seconds of this.

  7. Have to admit, I hate the synth-voice. On everything and every one. George Michael has an excellent voice, New Order is an excellent band. He ruined it by thinking tweaking his voice would be a good idea. lame.

    • Look to be honest George Michele’s cover of true faith is not really that bad the music video is rather cool. Yes I know is voice is like auto dubbed I get that but the point is he made it his own unique style let’s look at other covers of other music boots are made for walking Jessica Simpson cover horrible satisfaction by Britney Spears who I think was drunk when she did that cover live my opinion crush on you by Aron carter what was he thinking. So this is not the worst cover I’ve ever seen it’s not the best cover by all means but it’s not bad it’s pretty good and this is comming from a 80’s music fan and a huge heavy metal fan. People are intitled to there opinion but don’t forget we lost George micheal a fantastic singer and at that time was a hard period in his life I would guess and he’s just frying to put out in song how he’s feeling.

  8. WOW! that was truly dreadful. couldn’t finish.

  9. I totally agree with Mike: GM is a talented singer and songwriter. God knows what he was thinking of to tweak/auto tune his voice when it is totally unnecessary. He could have come up with a soulful rendition. Wasted opportunity.

  10. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  11. Wow! I was really psyched for this. Really, really terrible.

  12. my God that pitchshifter was horrible when cher used it,why the hell would they attempt it again,i agree, wasted opportunity,and who is responsible for letting this get released,i need a whiskey

  13. Larry Mac

    42 seconds, just like Angie. Dreadful would be a compliment.

  14. Chester Wallaboo

    I have to agree with Mike and Dino that the auto-tuning ruins this. I would like to hear a version with GM’s normal vox, which I think would be nice. I’m not a huge fan of GM or anything, but I think he’s got an excellent voice and should use it. I’m always open to hearing a good cover version.

    Also, let’s be clear that doing a bad cover of a good song does not ruin the song; it just sucks to hear it done. No matter how many times I hear Jacob Dylan’s dreadful cover of Bowie’s “Heroes,” I will always love the original.


    Horrid. Ruined favorite song. Hulk MAD!

  16. @Mike – you are dead on. This could’ve been amazing. New Order deserves better. GM is better.

  17. Oh man this is horrible!

  18. I feel bad for the Comic Relief charity – they may wind up owing money after THIS garbage is released. . . (and I’m a massive fan of both BTW).

  19. That’s just plain awful. For a guy with such a good voice (can’t stand his records though) that’s a ridiculous version.

    For Comic Relief’s sake I hope it makes money.

  20. George Michael should stand trial for murdering a classic song.

  21. Ian Graham

    fookin’ awful

  22. WOW. no charm whatsoever; neither the relentless appeal of the original song (has he *heard* it?), nor his own. perhaps form a subsidiary called ‘tragic relief’?

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