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Vintage Video: Watch Midnight Oil’s complete ‘Oils on the Water’ concert from 1985

Midnight Oil

For our latest installment of Vintage Video, we bring you a complete mid-’80s concert by Aussie powerhouse Midnight Oil — the landmark “Oils on the Water” concert staged Jan. 13, 1985, on Sydney’s Goat Island as part of Australian radio station Triple J’s 10th anniversary. At the time, the concert was simulcast live on TV and radio, and has since been released on DVD and CD in Australia. Below, we present the entire 16-song set, courtesy of YouTube user Ollorin.



Setlist: Midnight Oil, Goat Island, Sydney, Australia, 1/13/85

1. “Best of Both Worlds”
2. “When the Generals Talk”
3. “Minutes to Midnight”
4. “Sleep”
5. “Only the Strong”
6. “Short Memory”
7. “Kosciuszko”
8. “US Forces”
9. “Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers”
10. “Back on the Borderline”
11. “Tin-legs and Tin Mines”
12. “Don’t Wanna Be the One”
13. “Power and the Passion”
14. “Read about It”
15. “Harrisburg”
16. “Stand in Line”




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