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David Bowie 50th birthday live CD to feature Robert Smith, Sonic Youth, Frank Black

David Bowie

Modern-rock icon David Bowie next month will release a new live album recorded at his 50th birthday celebration on Jan. 9, 1997, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, a 25-song set featuring guest appearances by The Cure’s Robert Smith (“Quicksand,” “The Last Thing You Should Do”), Lou Reed (“Queen Bitch,” “I’m Waiting For the Man,” “Dirty Blvd.”), Sonic Youth (“I’m Afraid of Americans”) and the Pixies’ Frank Black (“Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps),” “Fashion”). The album is due out April 26 under the title Birthday Celebration: Live in NYC 1997; check out the full tracklist below, via Studio Spy.

UPDATE: As our friends at Cure fan site Chain of Flowers point out, this appears to be a bootleg release. The NME has pulled a story it posted on the CD earlier today.

See ‘Birthday Celebration: Live in NYC 1997’ tracklist after the jump…

Tracklist: David Bowie, Birthday Celebration: Live in NYC 1997

1. “Little Wonder”
2. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson”
3. “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” (with Frank Black)
4. “Fashion” (with Frank Black)
5. “Telling Lies”
6. “Hallo Spaceboy” (with Foo Fighters)
7. “Seven Years In Tibet” (with Dave Grohl)
8. “The Man Who Sold The World”
9. “The Last Thing You Should Do” (with Robert Smith)
10. “Quicksand” (with Robert Smith)
11. “Battle For Britain”
12. “Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)”
13. “I’m Afraid Of Americans” (with Sonic Youth)
14. “Looking For Satellites”
15. “Under Pressure” (with Gail Ann Dorsey)
16. “Heroes”
17. “Queen Bitch” (with Lou Reed)
18. “I’m Waiting For The Man” (with Lou Reed)
19. “Dirty Blvd.” (with Lou Reed)
20. “White Light/White Heat” (with Lou Reed)
21. “Moonage Daydream”
22. “All The Young Dudes” (with Billy Corgan)
23. “The Jean Genie” (with Billy Corgan)
24. “Space Oddity”
25. “Can’t Read ”


  1. Rad! Looking forward to this.

  2. Not sure if this matters to most of you, but this is a bootleg. No official release is planned. NME have pulled their story.

  3. Nacho Sensorama

    Bowie I love you!

  4. Rooster_Ties

    Crud. I would have loved to have gotten this.

  5. Actually, this bootleg exist in various forms for years. Just have a look with your favorite search engine through the Web and you certainly will find one of them.

  6. I’ve had this one for awhile…search under “50 Dead Dogs” on your favorite music search site.
    It’s very good.

  7. And, the Frank Black bit is on Youtube

  8. was at this show. one of the best concerts i ever attended. it was filmed and shown on pay per view almost a full year later. i have a well-worn VHS of that show.

    Hallo Spaceboy featured 3 drum kits, Sonic Youth was criminally under-used, and Gail Ann Dorsey sings Happy Birthday replete with birthday cake and candles.

    related: Placebo opened the evening. made a big impression on me.

  9. Although a bootleg(ish) release you must buy it, this will force the record company to release it legally. Remaber Bowie Live at Santa Monica ? A bootleg for 25 years then they release it properly !

  10. Noel Fitz

    Well well well. This had been ‘around’ for at least 12 years!! Hardly new!! If ‘those bootleg people’ really want to offer an attractive package to the Bowie public at large – the concentrate on the last few dates of the SOUL tour 1974. These concerts are terrific and feature the only live outings of a lot of Young Americans tracks. Birthday celebration – hmmp – I’m surprised Bowie didn’t slip on the saliva drooling from all those sycophants on stage that night.

  11. AVOID this DVD!!
    The picture-quality of this DVD is poor, and not any better than the old bootleg. How they are able to release this shabby copy, and distribute it in recordshops around the globe is beyond me.

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