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Video: The Human League, ‘Never Let Me Go’ — off ‘Credo,’ first album in decade

Synthpop vets The Human League — leader Philip Oakey and singers Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley — deliver their first album in a decade next week, and to promote it, they’ve just released the second single off the disc, album opener “Never Let Me Go.” The 11-track Credo, the band’s first effort since 2001’s Secrets and ninth since 1979, is due out Monday in the U.K.

See tracklist for The Human League’s ‘Credo’ after the jump…

The Human League, 'Credo'

Tracklist: The Human League, Credo

1. “Never Let Me Go”
2. “Night People”
3. “Sky”
4. “Into the Night”
5. “Egomaniac”
6. “Single Minded”
7. “Electric Shock”
8. “Get Together”
9. “Privilege”
10. “Breaking the Chains”
11. “When the Stars Start to Shine”


  1. Ugh, I can’t BELIEVE they went with that hopelessly played out “overuse of autotune on purpose” effect.

    What the hell are they thinking?

    That sound was tired and needed to be retired about eight years ago.

  2. Lame. I miss the monotone vocals of the old days…

  3. In the words of Butthead, “what the hell is this crap?”

  4. Agree on the autotune, couldn’t make it past around :30 in. Awful!

  5. want more phil vocals. agree, kinda lame.. forgettable

  6. Quiet Wyatt

    Who sat them down and told them that Autotune is a necessity? And why did they listen?

    It reeks of desperation to be “relevant” and “modern” (and, presumably, to have “a hit”).


  7. The Other Keith

    Take time to see the wonders of the world…..

  8. “instantly forgettable Gay disco hit #1,359.”

  9. This single is fine; but it isn’t perhaps representative of the album is a whole, which has very limited vocal effects elsewhere and is much more ‘classic HL’ – i.e. stuffed full of great electro-pop tunes.

  10. wow that sucked. basically a waste of their time. yeah, for real.

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