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The Dead Milkmen today release ‘The King in Yellow,’ band’s first new album in 15 years

The Dead Milkmen, 'The King in Yellow'

Philadelphia’s reunited Dead Milkmen released their first new album in more than 15 years this morning, announcing on their website that not only is the recently announced The King in Yellow now finished, the 17-track album is immediately available for purchase as a digital download.

The collection — the first new studio album from the Milkmen since 1995’s Stoney’s Extra Stout (Pig) — currently is being sold only as a download through the band’s site (where you can also sample each of the tracks), but will “be available as a CD in a month” and eventually will be sold via iTunes, and other online outlets.

The band — original members Joe Jack Talcum, Dean Clean and Rodney Anonymous, plus bassist Dan Stevens, who replaces the late Dave Blood — recorded 10 songs in early November and seven more in early December at separate two-day sessions at two different Philadelphia studios, then revisited the tracks last month to mix and master them.

The Milkmen also have two gigs on tap — April 9 at The Warsaw in Brooklyn and April 30 at the Congress Theater in Chicago — and say they “hope to play more shows this year.”

See tracklist for The Dead Milkmen’s ‘The King in Yellow’ after the jump…

Tracklist: The Dead Milkmen, The King in Yellow

1. “The King in Yellow/William Bloat”
2. “Fauxhemia”
3. “She’s Affected”
4. “Caitlin Childs”
5. “Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song”
6. “Hangman”
7. “Cold Hard Ground”
8. “Some Young Guy”
9. “Or Maybe It Is”
10. “Passport to Depravity”
11. “Quality of Death”
12. “Buried In The Sky”
13. “13th Century Boy”
14. “Commodify Your Dissent”
15. “Can’t Relax”
16. “Melora Says”
17. “Solvents (For Home and Industry)”



  1. the did a GREAT job…i mean i think they did. it’s kinda funny, like they took old songs and changed the lyrics and titles…i.e. ‘Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song’ but i mean, they are the dead milkmen, they can pretty much do whatever the #$E(* they wanna do.

  2. Sir Ophiuchus

    Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

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