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Teaser: The Cure’s Robert Smith and The Japanese Popstars, ‘Take Forever’

The Cure's Robert Smith

UPDATE 6/13/11: Stream the full song here.

Following his smash turn guesting with Crystal Castles last year, Robert Smith of The Cure tries his hand at electronic music again, this time lending his voice to Northern Ireland dance act The Japanese Popstars for their track “Take Forever,” off the forthcoming Controlling Your Allegiance.

The album, as our friends at Chain of Flowers note, already has been released in Japan, even though it doesn’t arrive in the U.K. until June. Not surprisingly, “Take Forever” has made it online — or at least part of it. There are several samples out there, including a 65-second piece of the nearly 6-minute song posted by Chain of Flowers. Below, you can hear 3 minutes of the song, although it’s likely several samples put together.

According to the band’s Astralwerks bio, the Japstars landed Smith via e-mail: “We sent Robert an e-mail and heard nothing for six months,” said Declan “Decky Hedrock” McLaughlin. “Then randomly we got an e-mail to say that it had gone into his spam folder.” Smith then checked out the band’s MySpace page, liked what he heard and agreed to perform on the track for the band’s sophomore album.

Stream the Japanese Popstars’ ‘Take Forever’ featuring Robert Smith after the jump…

‘Take Forever,’ by The Japanese Popstars, f/ Robert Smith (incomplete)



  1. Yeah, that clip isn’t really 3 minutes of the song, it’s just 2, maybe 3, of the preview clips put together, and looped. So about 1:30 or so of it.

  2. Sounds great! I love it :)

  3. I like this. Want to hear the full track…

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