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Stream: Peter Murphy, ‘I Spit Roses,’ first single off upcoming ‘Ninth’ album

Peter Murphy, 'I Spit Roses'

With his coast-to-coast U.S. tour now underway, Peter Murphy today released his first new single in more than six years: “I Spit Roses” — which can be streamed below and is a track that will be featured on the former Bauhaus leader’s upcoming album Ninth, which is due out in June.

The single — available digitally via iTunes and other web retailers — is backed by another track off the new album, “The Prince & The Old Lady Shade.” The 11-track album, Murphy’s first since 2004’s Unshattered, originally was expected out last fall. It’s now scheduled to be released June 7 by Nettwerk Music Group (see full tracklist below).

Murphy currently is in the midst of a 29-date U.S. tour that opened March 7 in Seattle and that will take him through the south, including a number of Florida dates, before running up the East Coast and then ending in Chicago on April 10 (see full dates here).

UPDATE: You can now also stream the B-side “The Prince & The Old Lady Shade.”

Stream Peter Murphy’s ‘I Spit Roses’ and see ‘Ninth’ tracklist after the jump…

Peter Murphy, ‘I Spit Roses’ by nettwerkmusicgroup

Peter Murphy, ‘The Prince & Old Lady Shade’ by nettwerkmusicgroup

Peter Murphy, 'Ninth'

Tracklist: Peter Murphy, Ninth

1. “Velocity Bird”
2. “See Saw Sway”
3. “Peace to Each”
4. “I Spit Roses”
5. “Never Fall Out”
6. “Memory Go”
7. “The Prince & Old Lady Shade”
8. “Uneven & Brittle”
9. “Slowdown”
10. “Secret Silk Society”
11. “Creme de la Creme”



  1. Hmmmm… sounds like a U2 b-side.

  2. Hulk happy! Like this a lot.

  3. As much as I like the single, the b-side “The Prince and Old Lady Shade” is classic Murphy. Driving, slowly building as layers of instruments and vocals add up. It is as good as I’d hoped, after hearing him perform it live numerous times on the Secret Covers and Dirty Dirt Tours.

  4. Best stuff he has done in years.

  5. Sounds great. Looking forward to this album.
    Thanks for the update!

  6. I may need to give it a couple more spins to form a proper opinion, but i’m still recovering from the shell-shock of UNSHATTERED, so my reserve should be understandable. It does sound promising, though! Disappointing that I won’t be able to make it out to any of the live shows this year.

  7. disappointing :(

  8. I like it better than what I heard on Unshattered.

  9. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time from PM. The Prince and Old Lady Shade sounds like it could have been pulled right off of Holy Smoke. It’s brilliant. I am hoping that the rest of the release is on par with these first 2 tracks.

  10. I think I like the b-side better…

  11. Thumbs up on both! His voice still sounds great and I’m glad he still puts out music.

  12. Amazing…just amazing…

  13. Brilliant as usual!!

  14. fantastic, Peter on his best…majestic……..

  15. fantastic, majestic, how can anyone have stupid thoughts about comparing it with U2 b side,,,,this one is Lady Gaga child…have fun and let us listen good music….

  16. I’ve given it a few more listens, along with the B-side, and I am very eager for the rest of this album. It sounds like a tremendous improvement over his last outing. UNSHATTERED ended up having a very short shelf life with me. Aside from “Face the Moon,” which shows up in my playlists from time to time, I don’t listen to anything off of it anymore. As far as I’m concerned, it just plain didn’t work as intended. This new output sounds much more like the guy I became a fan of years ago.

  17. Yup, the B-side is better. Hope he’ll play it tomorrow night. :)

  18. I’m glad both of these tracks are going to be on the new album. It’s essentially a double A sided single.

    And ‘Unshattered’ is under-rated in my opinion. Maybe it was just too upbeat for some people, but that’s exactly why i liked it.

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