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Video: Duran Duran, ‘Notorious’ and 3 more from David Lynch-directed ‘Unstaged’ concert

If you didn’t catch the David Lynch-directed “Unstaged” concert that Duran Duran, er, staged last night in Los Angeles and streamed live over YouTube, the band has posted four videos from the show: “Notorious,” featuring Beth Ditto of The Gossip, which can be seen above, plus, as you can see below, new tracks “All You Need Is Now” and “The Man Who Stole a Leopard,” the latter featuring Kelis, and “Careless Memories” from the band’s debut album.

See more clips from Duran Duran’s ‘Unstaged’ concert after the jump…



  1. For those who didn’t see it – I recommend you skip over the “Notorious” trainwreck and look at the ones below it. Still on the fence on the whole show. Band sounded good, but Lynch’s simplistic/bizarro image overlays were distracting to say the least. I was expecing more from him than images of grilling hotdogs over “Come Undone.”

  2. Boy, I second darkthirty’s feelings on Lynch here.

    The visual effects quickly became an annoyance from the actual performances. I really expected something more. I think it would have been more effective without the spinning effects.

  3. Utterly unwatchable. David Lynch is a disaster, this was a bad idea. Good for publicity but awful effects.

    Duran Duran are a great live band, they don’t need this clown screwing up their performances.

    Set list was average fare. Nothing extremely rare or unexpected, other than Friends of Mine, Careless Memories which they have played many times before in recent tours.

  4. I’m not a small fan of the band, but I adore Lynch, so I was looking forward to watching this. But I have to agree with the first comments–not creative or interesting by Lynch. It’s like something I might do with Brushes–and that’s not good!

  5. im so sick of kids and their after effect plug-ins. everything seems to be heading this way. we’re drowning in a sea of horrible design choices. JUST SHOW THE FREAKING BAND. who cares if you spent a lot of money on software and pc’s…JUST STOP IT. my head’s going to explode.

  6. I actually really enjoyed David Lynch’s stuff. I mean, it’s DAVID LYNCH. He’s automatically gonna do something totally bizarre, and not bizarre in a “way you expect” way, either. You know, mouse puppets. That kind of thing. That’s him. Love him or hate him, that’s the kind of thing you get with him. (I love him, personally — one of my all-time favorite directors).

    I thought it was fantastic. And the concert itself was notably terrific.

  7. Jack Nance's Ghost

    Lol, kids?

    It’s fucking David Lynch, he’s been around for bloody years. I really liked it though, I’m sick of concert films just being footage of the band playing their songs like fuck, Lynch is a genius and needs to work more often.

  8. Not to start a fight, but–anything David Lynch can do to Duran Duran improves Duran Duran. Heck, Lynch’s own MUSIC is better than DD’s! Relax, this isn’t The Fall or The Smiths, Echo, Heads, New Order–no one serious–DD is bubblegum.

  9. You Owe It

    Looks like David is chewing on a big old honkin’ piece of Hubba Bubba then. My man Lynch has got taste!

  10. Johnny Choas 1964

    I enjoyed the music.. Some interested things going on however; the video graphics by David Lynch are laughable.. This guy clearly doesn’t get the music.. May have got better results letting wild monkey lose with the video desk…

  11. James–don’t cut yourself on that edge. Also, I like your implication that one can only like mainstream acts like Duran Duran, OR early alternative/college radio stuff, but certainly not BOTH. I don’t know how I managed to listen to and buy all those artists without ripping a hole in the very fabric of our space-time continuum.

    Re David Lynch: I enjoyed Twin Peaks and he seems like a fun guy in some ways, but honestly sometimes I think Lynch could take a shit and film it and some of you would be falling all over yourselves to squeal about his “genius”.

    Re Unstaged: The visuals would have been okay if they a) had not obscured the band quite so much in some places (either that or cut between the visuals and the band ala “The Reflex” and don’t superimpose), and b) had done a better job of setting the tone or somehow going with the lyrics without being either completely incoherent (seriously Lynch stans–explain to me how a ball or a plastic fork in a gloved hand adds anything whatsoever to “Friends of Mine”) or ridiculously literal…as in a wolf for “Hungry Like The Wolf” or a spinning globe for “Planet Earth”.

    Maybe the Emperor is wearing a superb new outfit and I lack sufficient wisdom to perceive it. Or maybe having cheesy singing animal puppets during the melancholy “Come Undone” was just a bad creative decision (though in all fairness, I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard at something*).

    *not whilst being sober anyway

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