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Stream: Robyn Hitchcock’s brand-new ‘Light Blue Afternoon,’ off ‘Tromsø, Kaptein’

Robyn Hitchcock

Details are scarce, but Robyn Hitchcock is set to release a new album called Tromsø, Kaptein — possibly as early as next week — on the Norwegian label Hype City Recordings, and the imprint has made one of the tracks, “Light Blue Afternoon,” available for streaming (hear it below).

It’s not entirely clear when the album is coming out; this festival page indicates an April 8 release, although neither Hitchcock nor the label appear to have formally announced the project — named after a city in Norway. It’s the second time Hitchcock has used that country’s geography in an album title, following the 2009 album Goodnight Oslo.

Hitchcock’s website does reveal that one of the album’s songs, “Dismal City,” appears over the end titles of the film “Treatment,” which screens in late April at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and features incidental music and a cameo by Hitchcock.

UPDATE 4/4/11: According to Hype City Recordings, Tromsø, Kaptein features eight new songs, a re-recording of “Raining Twilight Coast” from 1990’s Eye and a new Norwegian-language version of “Goodnight Oslo.” The album will be released April 8 on CD and LP in Norway. You stream a second track, the aforementioned “Dismal City,” below.

Stream Robyn Hitchcock’s ‘Light Blue Afternoon’ after the jump…

Robyn Hitchcock, 'Tromsø, Kaptein'

Robyn Hitchcock, ‘Light Blue Afternoon’ by Hype City Recordings

Robyn Hitchcock, ‘Dismal City’ by Hype City Recordings



  1. seriously, sweet hair.

  2. Erasing your Life off this release is one of his best songs and I have been following this man for 27 years and have met him once.

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