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Vintage Video: Depeche Mode and The Cure in the studio via 1987 French TV report

In 1986 and 1987, both The Cure and Depeche Mode spent considerable time in France recording albums — Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and Music For the Masses, respectively — that would help each band cement its transition from cult act to, by the end of the ’80s, chart-topping, stadium-filling giant.

This French TV clip from 1987 spotlights each group in the studio, starting with Depeche Mode, which can be seen working on tracks such as “Nothing” and “Strangelove,” the latter of which is performed in the video by Martin Gore on solo guitar. You can also see Dave Gahan playing ping-pong — in a leather jacket, naturally.

As for The Cure, frontman Robert Smith discusses the making of Kiss Me as well as the band’s concert film “In Orange” — hey, where’s that DVD release? — and the band itself is filmed performing “Just Like Heaven” in the studio. Check it out above.


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  1. wow! super vid. how times have changed. can you imagine traveling that far to use a computer less powerful than the phone i have in my pocket? we’re so spoiled.

  2. Very, very cool. I had never seen this before. Never heard that version of Strangelove.

  3. Very nice. Anyone know what the sequencer DM was using in this clip?

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