Milestones, Video — April 6, 2011 at 6:51 am

Milestones: Black Francis is 46 today; watch the Pixies’ full 1988 Town & Country gig

The man formerly and once again known as Black Francis — or maybe he’s Frank Black to you, or, even, Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV — is 46 today. To celebrate the birthday of the songwriter whose lyrics gave name to this site, check out the Pixies’ classic 15-song set opening for the Throwing Muses at London’s Town & Country Club on May 1, 1988. Back in the present, the Pixies this weekend begin the Canadian leg of the band’s 20th anniversary Doolittle tour.


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  1. love them!!!!!

  2. it’s good!!! :-)GRATULATION

  3. Pixies have real class !!!!

  4. James Fogel

    Every time I see any mention of the Pixies I get Monkeys Gone to Heaven stuck in my head for hours.

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