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Milestones: The Cure’s Robert Smith is 52 today; watch ‘Top’-era TV performance

It’s Robert Smith’s birthday today — he’s 52 — and to commemorate this clearly auspicious occasion, we present this U.K. television performance from 1984 that finds The Cure playing a trio of songs from what’s now one of the band’s most overlooked records, The Top. The 10-minute clip, uploaded by YouTube user CarnageVisors, finds the band performing “Bananafishbones,” “Piggy in the Mirror” and the album’s title track, and is notable for showcasing the short-lived lineup that featured drummer Andy Anderson and bassist Phil Thornalley.


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  1. I don’t know if I’d call “The Top” overlooked, as much as frustrating or problematic. It’s so scattered stylistically that no matter what I’m in the mood for, I end up skipping through it, listening to a couple of songs and then moving on to something else. I’d like it a lot better if it were maybe 2 EPs.

  2. Did they unplug Lol’s keyboard again? :P

    I think I like The Top because it is so scattered and atypical. The few clunkers are made-up with the rest.

  3. I have always thought that The Top was one of their best. I cannot understand why it gets dogged by people. From start to finish, I find the album to be a dark, eerie, psychedelic masterpiece. There are no songs that I skip, which I certainly can’t say for The Head on the Door and Kiss Me…

  4. Lisa Hendrickson

    I don’t have the Top album, but I do have Birdmad Girl on my Mp3. Quirky and fun, and then I dive down into “End.” That’s what I love about Cure Music – something for everyone and every mood!
    Hey, I’ve had this question for a long time and it came up again while watching this from 1984. Does anyone know why Robert Smith wears a wedding ring in these early videos? His marriage to Mary P. was in the late 80’s. Just curious.

    • I’ve had the same question about the wedding band and that’s how I came to this site, seeing your question too! I guess he knew since he met Mary he was going to be off the market :) I’ll keep looking for an answer.

  5. LOVE The Top, it was my introduction to The Cure. Boy, this audience looks like a bunch of zombies…no one is moving! LOL

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