Milestones, Video — April 24, 2011 at 9:47 am

Milestones: David J turns 54 today; watch Love and Rockets as The Bubblemen

Today, bassist David J celebrates his 54th birthday, and instead of highlighting his best-known work first with Bauhaus and then with that band’s spin-off Love and Rockets — in part because we couldn’t find a vintage performance of his L&R classic, “No New Tale to Tell” — here’s The Bubblemen.

The trio — Love and Rockets dressed up in bee-like costumes — released just one 12-inch single in 1988 and filmed this video for the A-side, “The Bubblemen are Coming.” Now, when we spoke to Daniel Ash, he said he was done with Love and Rockets… but he, perhaps conspicuously (or perhaps not), didn’t rule out the return of The Bubblemen. In fact, he didn’t even mention them. But one can hope.


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