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Stream: Peter Hook & The Light, ‘Pictures in My Mind’ — unreleased Joy Division song

Peter Hook & The Light, '1102/2011'

Bassist Peter Hook appeared on British radio today to premiere two tracks off the upcoming EP of Joy Division re-recordings he laid down with his band The Light and onetime Happy Mondays vocalist Rowetta — including his new take on an unfinished Joy Division track called “Pictures in My Mind.”

Hooky and Rowetta appeared on BBC Radio 6’s “Radcliffe and Maconie” to promote the 1102/2011 EP, due out May 9 in the U.K. In addition to the debut recording of “Pictures in My Mind” — a driving, Hook-sung rocker — the EP includes new recordings of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere,” “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight,” all with Rowetta on vocals.

During today’s appearance, Hook premiered “Pictures in My Mind” and “Atmosphere,” both of which feature music videos set to be released Monday. You can listen to the whole interview and those two songs via the BBC’s iPlayer; just fast-forward to around the 1:35 mark for the whole segment. Or you can also stream “Pictures in My Mind” — ripped from the broadcast by Listen Before You Buy — below.

Stream Peter Hook & The Light’s ‘Pictures in My Mind’ after the jump…

Joy Division – Pictures In My Mind by ListenBeforeYouBuy


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  1. Kent Butabi

    This should be New Order. Too bad they don’t get along now. Hope those additional ‘album full’ of tracks from the WaitingFTSCall sessions get released.

  2. sounds like a dropkick murphys song or something

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