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Stream: Peter Murphy, ‘I Spit Roses’ — new single inspired by Bauhaus break-up

Peter Murphy, 'I Spit Roses'

Back in March, we brought you a stream of “I Spit Roses,” the first original single in more than six years from Peter Murphy — and now, with the release of the former Bauhaus leader’s new album Ninth just a month away, his label, Nettwerk Music, is offering a free download of the track.

Editor’s note: The free download is no longer available, but you can stream the song below.

According to Murphy’s bio, the song deals with the singer’s “resignation toward the fate of Bauhaus” and takes its title from a quite literal incident that saw Murphy spit rose petals at soon-to-be-former bandmates Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins during the recording of 2008’s ill-fated reunion album Go Away White.

One night during those recording sessions in Ojai, Calif., Murphy recounts, he went home after “a full session” while his bandmates stayed behind working on an arrangement. He said he suspected that would cause trouble, and the next day he told a friend about it while sitting next to a rose garden: “She told me not to worry, to take a rose there as a friendly gesture. Instead, I took three or four and put them in my mouth.”

Murphy continues:

“As I walked in, David, Kevin and Danny were in conference about the band. I thought, ‘Oh dear, here we go…’ The moment anyone speaks to me, my response is to spit roses in their face — and that’s what happened. Daniel said, ‘Peter, we need to talk about…’ Pwah! ‘That’s my answer.’ It caused them to think, ‘Look at him, he’s crazy!’ And I responded, ‘Look, it’s roses, don’t you get it? C’mon, let’s just work.’”

Ninth is due to be released June 7. You can stream “I Spit Roses” via the SoundCloud player that’s embedded below and also stream another track from the album, “The Prince & The Old Lady Shade,” here.





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  1. judgesmails

    OK, nothing crazy happening in that story!

    All craziness aside, “Roses” and “Lady Shade” are probably my favorite PM songs from the last 20 years or so.

  2. These new tracks sound great. Really looking forward to this record. :)

  3. Go Away White was just utter crap in my opinion. Bauhaus is gone and has been for a very long time.

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