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Milestones: Dave Gahan is 49 today; watch full Depeche Mode ‘World Violation’ concert

It’s Dave Gahan’s birthday today — he’s turning 49 — so to properly mark the occasion, we present this complete 1-hour, 44-minute Depeche Mode concert filmed in Frankfurt, Germany, on Oct. 8, 1990. This heavily bootlegged show — an audience recording — is the closest thing we’ve got to that holy grail for DM fans: an officially released concert film from the World Violation Tour.

So enjoy this 20-song set — uploaded by YouTube user NightVisitor101 — in the playlist embedded above, or check out the individual chapters at Slicing Up Video. And, if you’re looking for more live Dave Gahan, check out his solo set from last Friday, featuring covers of Joy Division, David Bowie and the Damned, plus DM and solo songs.

See Depeche Mode’s 10/8/90 setlist after the jump…

Setlist: Depeche Mode, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 10/8/90

1. “Kaleid”
2. “World In My Eyes”
3. “Halo”
4. “Shake The Disease”
5. “Everything Counts”
6. “Master and Servant”
7. “Never Let Me Down Again”
8. “Waiting for the Night”
9. “I Want You Now”
10. “World Full Of Nothing”
11. “Clean”
12. “Stripped”
13. “Policy of Truth”
14. “Enjoy the Silence”
15. “Strangelove”
16. “Personal Jesus”

17. “Black Celebration”
18. “A Question of Time”

19. “Behind the Wheel”
20. “Route 66”


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  1. Arrgghhh! This was supposed to be the first DM tour for me. Even had tickets to see them at Madison Square Garden and then my appendix ruptured. My friends visited me in the hospital to tell me what a great show I missed.

    Luckily I have since remedied this tour miss.

  2. This was my 1st DM show on May 30, 1989 in Miami. I have seen 11 concerts to date now! last one being Feb 2010 at the Royal Albert Hall (AMAZING!!!)
    Thank you boss for being out of the office today so I can watch this concert in full!!!
    Dave- Happy Birthday…tomorrow is my birthday.

  3. Music Archivist

    wish they would release this tour on a legit dvd for there 30th anniversary this would sell a ton of copies

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