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Peter Hook’s ‘1102/2011′ Joy Division EP out Monday after ‘legal issues’ resolved

Peter Hook, circa 2010

Having resolved whatever unnamed legal issues stood in the way, bassist Peter Hook will release his new four-song EP of Joy Division re-recordings — which includes the debut of a newly finished Ian Curtis-era leftover — on Monday morning, just a week later than originally planned.

Hacienda Records made the announcement with little elaboration other than saying that “with all matters now fully resolved,”  the 1102/2011 EP — credited to Hook’s band The Light, featuring Rowetta — will be released digitally at 9 a.m. BST Monday.

The EP features new re-recordings of classic Joy Division tracks “Atmosphere,” “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” with Rowetta, a onetime Happy Mondays singer, on vocals, plus “Pictures in My Mind,” an incomplete Joy Division song that Hook finished and sings on the EP. Last week, Hook released music videos for “Pictures in My Mind” and “Atmosphere.”


Ride "Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition"


  1. that’s a fantastic shirt hook’s wearing

  2. …which should probably have a footnote: Now Making Money From History

  3. Yeah… New Order never made a penny. Nah. When Hooky gets those checks from AT&T for “Age of Consent” he just tosses them away–right? Hey, I have no problem w/ selling your work–go ahead, fine–but don’t cry poormouth.


    I don’t mind him making money or playing old JD songs. But I really think Rowetta is a bad match for the music. I like Hook himself singing them over her. He should tour with Peter Murphy and have him come out and sing a few with his band. Murphy obviously loves the old JD songs. Anyway, I wish the guy luck. If he comes to Phoenix I’ll pay to see him.

  5. Jose Jones

    It really pains me to see what New Order have become. Between this idiot murdering Joy Division songs and that horrendous Bad Lieutenant project it really has all gone to shit.

  6. i just liked the shirt. the rest of it is shite. and hook’s vocals kills my ears.

  7. rtghrth dfgdfg


    Are you against someone making money?

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