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Stream: New Order, ‘Hellbent’ — new track on ‘Total: From Joy Division to New Order’

'Total: From Joy Division to New Order'

Just days after news broke of the upcoming compilation Total: From Joy Division to New Order, the set’s lone unreleased track — a latter-day New Order outtake called “Hellbent” — has leaked after being played on Irish radio (it’s also just been premiered on New Order’s Facebook page). You can check out a stream below; by all indications, the guitar-heavy track is a late-period leftover, likely from the Get Ready or Waiting For the Sirens’ Call eras.

Check out the tracklist for Total, out June 6 in the U.K. on Rhino Records, right here.

Hear New Order’s ‘Hellbent’ after the jump…

New Order – Hellbent (Previously Unreleased) by Rhino UK


Ride "Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition"


  1. Ian Kevin Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980)

    Rest in peace Ian.

  2. I have to say, this is pretty good – I just wish Bernard would stop starting songs with some sort of “whatcha doing” question.

  3. Kent Butabi

    More new NEW ORDER, please.

  4. Agree totally with 50 Pound Note — Barney’s insistence in beginning seemingly every single from the last two New Order albums, and even Bad Lieutenant’s one hi,t with “Whatcha doing” is trite, annoying and stale. I can’t take much more of it! It’s as bad as Robert Smith’s predictable late Cure “Blah blah blah, she said. Blah blah blah, I said” format.

  5. I agree completely. I cringed when I heard the “whatcha doin’.”

  6. I don’t mean to be snarky, but a while back I took a quick pass at recent NO and BL first lines to demonstrate this phenomena to a friend.

    To hear “whatcha doin” this morning was simply jaw dropping.

    “Hey now what you doing?”
    “Hey Joe what you’re doing?”
    “Hey there what you gonna do?”
    “Hey bad man, where are you gonna go?”
    “What am I gonna do?”
    “Whatcha doing?”
    “What’s the matter here?”
    “Who’s that over there?”
    “Old friend, whatcha doin out there?”

  7. I really miss New Order :(. I like the song but agree with the “whatcha doin” sentiment.

    By the way, everyone should listen to the song on the facebook page, it’s in much much better quality than the one embedded in this post (I’m guessing this one is a radio rip?).

  8. I’ve updated this post with the official Rhino stream now that it’s out…

  9. yeah yeah yeah… whattttttttttchhhyyaaa goooona do about it?

  10. I think Bernard has been hanging out with Hulk Hogan. Whatcha gonna do brotha!!

    But seriously, Bernard really had never been greatest lyric writer on the planet.

  11. Jose Jones

    This sounds like it may have happened during the sessions for Brutal. Rockin’ song.

  12. Kent Butabi

    Wow, I never noticed that before.

  13. Yeah, it sounds like it’s from the ’99-’01 era, I hear shades of Brutal and especially Electronic’s Twisted Tenderness LP. It’s decent enough that it could have worked on Get Ready (anything in place of Rock The Shack!).

  14. What? That song is mint!

  15. Very good song, New Order is an awesome band, I hope that they get back together. They always make great music from Joy Division, New order, Electronic, Monaco, The other two, Bad Lieutenant and Freebass. They have created too much good music for the world to hear.

  16. Kent Butabi

    OK — both New Order and The Cure stated that during their last recording sessions they completed enough songs for another album. It’s time both delivered.

  17. Long time Joy Division/New Order fan, but I gotta say these guys have gone too far milking their legacy.

    Between Hooky’s recent antics and now yet another superfluous compilation (I mean, really, what is the incentive other than one unreleased mediocre song to buy a bunch of tracks most longer term fans already have)

    Combining a few already frequently compiled Joy Division tracks with a bunch New Order songs just smells gimmicky, like another attempt to milk the cow for what little she has left. I’ll stick to a few of the original classic albums and try to forget that this dung heap was ever released.

  18. FANTASTIC!! more please!!

  19. john rosas

    i think the track is a hole in one!

  20. This song friggin jams! Love it. Think it ranks at least among the upper tier of New Order songs that I already loved…wish like hell that they would get back together for a full album – if the songs are anything like Hellbent I’m in line already (figuratively :) to buy it..!!

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