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Milestones: Siouxsie Sioux is 54 today; watch the Banshees’ 1983 ‘Nocturne’ concert

Today we mark another milestone as goth high priestess Siouxsie Sioux turns 54; to celebrate her birthday, we present the concert portion from the DVD release of The Banshees’ classic “Nocturne” home video. The performance was filmed on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 1983, at London’s Royal Albert Hall and is notable for spotlighting the short-lived lineup that featured Robert Smith on guitar.

As always, you can watch the full show — via YouTube uploader Rlgsps — in the playlist embedded above, or check out the individual tracks over at Slicing Up Video.


Tracklist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, ‘Nocturne’

1. “Israel”
2. “Cascade”
3. “Melt!”
4. “Pulled To Bits”
5. “Night Shift”
6. “Sin In My Heart”
7. “Painted Bird”
8. “Switch”
9. “Eve White/Eve Black”
10. “Voodoo Dolly”
11. “Spellbound”
12. “Helter Skelter”







  1. One of my all time favorite Punk Stars. Amazing woman, amazing body of work! Happy birthday to Siouxsie!

  2. Wayne Hussey, Siouxsie, Ian Curtis’ death… is May the goth month?

    Long live Siouxsie!!

  3. Jose Jones

    STELLAR. Check out Bob Smith shredding that guitar.

  4. true artist. happy birthday siouxsie!

  5. Centurian

    thanks for posting this concert!! awesome!

  6. Happy Birthday Siouxsie! God, I played out my vhs of Nocturne back in the day. Lovely that I can now watch it on dvd with all the cool extras!

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