Contests — June 3, 2011 at 5:42 am

Contest: Win Depeche Mode ‘Remixes 2: 81-11’ 6LP deluxe vinyl, 3CD editions

Depeche Mode, 'Remixes 2: 81-11' vinyl

After months of pre-release build-up, Depeche Mode’s long-awaited Remixes 2: 81-11 compilation finally arrives next week, and to help celebrate its release, the fine folks at Rhino Records have provided us with a copy of the super-limited 6LP deluxe vinyl edition to award to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader — and copies of the 3CD version for five runners up.

Due out Tuesday, the collection — a sequel to 2004’s Remixes 81-04 marks the first time all five current and former DM members have worked on the same project, with ex-members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder contributing mixes of “Behind the Wheel” and “In Chains,” respectively. Check out the full tracklist here; the 37-track, 6LP vinyl edition and the single-disc and 3CD versions are available for pre-order via Rhino.

To enter, simply drop a comment below — it can be any comment, but if you want, humor us by naming your favorite Depeche Mode remix and explaining what you love about it. We’ll take entries until noon EST Thursday, June 30. After that point, we’ll randomly select a grand-prize winner (who’ll win the 6LP set) and five runners up (who’ll get copies of the 3CD edition). Winners will be contacted via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit address when you enter (we’ve actually had winners use bogus addresses).

Finally, per Rhino, the contest is only open to fans in the United States and Canada, since those are the only countries in which the label distributes Depeche Mode (the rest of the world is handled by EMI Music). Sorry, but those are the rules.

Good luck!


Ride "Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition"


  1. I love all the previews you have featured so far! Hope I win the cd set!! :)

  2. I want to get the New Depeche Mode album REMIXES 2. As I got a Devotee and have DMOCD I need to get it.
    Another thing is to say I´ll love all the remixes included in ;)
    I normaly love more the original songs from DM .

  3. How can you pick a favorite?!!

    I’ve seen DM on tour several times. Mu fave show was in New Orleans for the SFAD lp tour. I camped out to get front row!I even threw a crucifix necklace on stage and Gahan picked it up- we went nuts!

  4. Oh yeah ! Need !

  5. Always been a big fan of the DM remixes.

  6. Are People People.? Is a fun track.

  7. depressed mode!!

  8. Marco Hernandez

    Been looking forward to this & from the sounds of it it should be worth it

  9. Looks like a great collection.

  10. Kling Klong

    Kurder and Dorfmeister remix of “Useless” Beautiful and all that jazz.

  11. Absolute favourite ever remix is the Harmonium version of Enjoy the Silence. So ethereal. I almost always play it as an intro to the original song – try it!

  12. Martin Copenhagen

    My favourite remix must be ‘It only when i Loose myself’ – Dan The Automator Remix.

  13. I love the old school “Master & Servant” remixes!

  14. Larry Mac

    I liked the Vince Clark “Behind the Wheel” remix best so far.

  15. Chris D'Avanzo

    There’s always room for more DM, esp w/Alan & Martin’s magical touch back in the mix. Happy belated b’day to me. :))

  16. Bring it. Old school: Get the Balance Right (Combination Mix). New school: Personal Jesus (Sie Medway Mix)

  17. Noo, US and Canada only :(

    Anyway I want to share my opinion about my favourite remix of this awesome compilation that is Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke Remix).
    With this work Vince has extrapolated the dance soul of a milestone like BTW, the best moment starts at 3:17 with the sample of the dish rolling on the ground(the trademark of the track) and the new loop that follow. This summer we dance with this rhythm.
    Yazoo are cool but also DM with Vince .
    Sadly I can’t partecipate for the contest, good luck to everyone and enjoy this great release!


    Puppets is awesome!

  19. Bungeeeee

    Oooh…want this!

  20. I’ve always been a fan of the Pain Mix of “Strangelove.”

    Takes me back to Wednesday nights at Cincinnati’s Warehouse.

  21. Jason Russell

    Love Depeche Mode, and think the remixes of Personal Jesus bring an all time classic track bang up to date.

    The 3 CD set would neatly complete my collection of DM discs :)

  22. Sign me up! Personal Jesus.

  23. I’ve been collecting singles from DM since the 90s, so naming a favorite mix would be very difficult. Maybe one off the Enjoy The Silence single, to narrow it down.

    Thanks for the contest!

  24. Brian L Groce

    I have loved DM since the beginning . They are the most important band Of my life. Thanks for letting me have a chance to win

  25. I feel you.

  26. sean barry

    it’s no good hardfloor mix

  27. Depeche Mode is some solid, 80’s New Wave. I used to watch Friday Night Videos regularly during the days of “Enjoy the Silence”.

  28. “Are People People”? Crazy awesome DM mix. Viva Sherwood.

  29. My favorite DM remixes of all time are Enjoy the Silence (Hands And feet Mix) and Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix). They take two great Depeche songs and make them even better. Lots of good memories for me with these two. Hopefully I win, but either way I’m getting this compilation. Thanks.

  30. I can’t possibly pick a favorite! Can’t wait to hear this. Hope I win, too!

  31. I would love a copy of the DM remix lp/cd. I usually play 80’s sets when I dj and would love to add this to my catalog. Plus, growing up in the 80’s, was a huge DM fan. Thanks.

  32. Alan Wilder’s In Chains gives me chills!

  33. Dean Vaccaro

    the landscape is changing…

  34. Seriously, how can you pick a favorite.

  35. I don’t think I can pick just one.

  36. DM Devotee since 1987. Favorite remix (from that same year): Strangelove (Blind Mix).


  37. Hi!
    Enjoy the silence because of the video.

  38. Favorite remix has always been Breathing in Fumes. The distorted vocals used to scare my sister. Loved it.

  39. Aaron Guerrero D.

    I`d like to be the winner.
    And don`t have any favorite mix to pick, some are greater than others, simply enjoy all of them.

  40. Alberto Ballesteros


  41. sounds good!

  42. Jeff schultz

    Any true Depeche mode fan will have the new album long before this contest ends

  43. I love any mix of Shake The Disease, as it’s the best song EVA!!!

  44. Paul Richardson

    Favorite DM remix? Hands down, it’s the Schizo Mix of “Just Can’t Get Enough”. Do I even need to tell you why this classic track is my favorite? I didn’t think so.

  45. I love this website it keeps me updated on all my favorite music and the youtube clips are great. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

  46. Regarding favotite remix, it is difficult to pick. Of course, Everything Counts is a hit, However, Behind the Wheel has personal significance to me.
    I also would like to put a shameless plug in for this site. It is great.

  47. Behind The Wheel/Route 66 Remix!

  48. Regarding favorite remix, it is difficult to pick. Of course, Everything Counts is a hit, However, Behind the Wheel has personal significance to me.
    I also would like to put a shameless plug in for this site. It is great.

  49. Scott Morgan

    Can’t choose a favorite DM remix. Looking forward to this release

  50. Always loved hearing “Behind the Wheel” when driving down the Pacific Coast Highway…brings back plenty of memories!

  51. cory eling

    ooh yes please! :)

  52. e carrera

    Enjoy the Silence : The Quad, final mix. What can I say, its 15 minutes long. Its the best one of that song by far and high up there with the best mixes.

  53. Forever and ever it’s been Enjoy The Silence (Hands & Feet Mix) bc of how it inverted the synths.

    But NOW! It’s Eric Prydz’ mix of Personal Jesus. What an AMAZING take on a classic song I’ve admittedly grown sick of….and now love again!

  54. I love New Wave and Slicing Up Eyeballs! Keep up the fantastic work!

  55. Hard to narrow down to just one choice for my favorite remix. I’m looking forward to hearing Vince Clarke’s take on “Behind the Wheel”. I love that the guys had both Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder work on remixes. Depeche Mode, the greatest alternative band ever!

  56. DM’s constant stream of remixes are an important part of why they’ve maintained artistic credibility for so many years. Remixes are a form of postmodern art. Returning to the source, altering and repurposing. So hard to pick a favorite, although UNKLE’s version of John the Revelator comes to mind.

  57. All Route 66 remixes are equally awesome!

  58. Enjoy The Silence “Harmonium” mix. I remember buying the Maxi-CD of ETS remixes when I was in college and listening to “Harmonium” for the first time. The starkness of Martin’s voice against the organ is something that is unforgettable.

  59. I think strangelove blind remix or never let me down split mix are two of my favs but my absolute favorite is Nothing headcleanr rock mix. I love all of them b/c they add some more dimension to the songs which were all good before hand but I think they have more life in their remixes. Thank you for offering this giveaway and good luck to everyone

  60. Thanks for hosting the contest. My favorite remix is a toss up between the behind the wheel/route 66 megamix (always been partial to the single edit for some reason) and the Home (Air “Around the Golf” Remix). And the other commenters have named some great ones, too!


  62. It took alot of thought and soul searching but I will have to choose… Never Let Me Down – Aggro mix. The album version is my favorite song of all time and the remix just piles on the muscle.
    Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs! I love this site and all that you do.

  63. Wow, what a great contest!

    Hmmm, hard to pick a favorite – but I’m going to have to go with “Behind The Wheel”, dunno who did it though, it’s from the 80’s and I’m old.


  64. It’s amazing how many remixes DM have done for each of their songs. They all sound amazing!

  65. I love the Pain remix of Strangelove.

  66. I LOVE Depeche Mode AND this blog for bringing us all the latest news about this wonderful band! And I agree with many up above, it is so hard to pick a favorite remix, but one I have been listening to a lot lately is Love, In Itself (4). I really love the different arrangement of the track, and appreciate it since the whole vocal track is included in the remix.

  67. Michael Felix

    route 66 for life!

  68. what can you say that hasn’t already been said?
    the most important band in the past 25 years.
    best remix (how can you choose just one?):

    Little 15 [ Ulrich Schnauss Remix ]


    Enjoy the Silence [ Harmonium ]

  69. there are too many to narrow down to one mix. that is what is so great about Depeche Mode. they could potentially be reinvented forever. A favorite that I have always enjoyed is Shout the hollywood mix

  70. Vampdaddy

    One of my favoitpprite DM tracks is “It Doesn’t Matter” from Some Great Reward. Actually it was sort of the unofficial song of my now wife and I – although we felt it would have been a bit odd to use as our wedding song. Still gives us a good laugh now and then.

  71. “Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)” – not an original composition from the group yet with some Diddley-esque guitar added it feels like a’50s rock ‘n’ roll cruise down America’s Main Street. Bumper samples from ‘Name That Tune’ are very interesting as well.

  72. stripped: highland mix

  73. James DeFrance

    One of my favorite remixes still is Master & Servant (Black and Blue Mix.)

  74. Been a fan since 1985 and have everything up to this, hope i win and don’t need to buy it ;)

    Favorite mixes: Get the Balance Right Combination Mix, Love in Itself 4, Stripped Highland Mix, Strangelove Pain Mix

  75. In Chains – Alan Wilder Remix … sexxxy

  76. Just listened to a promo of this at work the other day and really loved it. Would be super thrilled to have the 6LP edition!

  77. Pick me!!!!

  78. Jose Jones

    Shout! Rio Mix.

  79. SERIOUSLY hoping to win this for my DM-loving husband. Oddly, I don’t know what his favorite remix is- how can that be? How did I know we were meant to be? Almost exactly one year before we met we were both at the same concert- the World Violation tour with Nine Inch Nails opening. He still has the t-shirt.

  80. +1 for route 66 mixes

  81. Ahhh…. longer…. better… NICE!

  82. Pretty pretty vinyl… :)

  83. Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (Megamix)

  84. i NEED this

  85. I’d really like to have the vinyl

  86. Shane Scott

    This “Monument” hopefully falls down into my lap !! Im a huge fan since the age of ten in 1984 ! Have DM tattoos all over just started a sleeve !

  87. My wife would love this. So my fingers are crossed!

  88. love Happiest Girl remix


  89. Sea of Sin (Church Mix) off the “Fast Fashion” bootleg remix CD

  90. It’s going to be a good summer with Depeche Mode remixes.

  91. Paul Stanley

    I still need to see them live. I love vinyl, and I bet this set will cost a pretty penny

  92. The Fly on the Windscreen Death Mix is so absurd it is completely awesome!

  93. Probably the Kruder & Dorfmeister session of Useless:

  94. Home [The Noodles & The Damage Done]. cause it rocks!

  95. Bradley Barkow

    Personal Jesus (Pump Mix) is tha one !!!!!!!!!!

  96. Michelle Langlie

    Haven’t heard many of the new remixes yet, but I do enjoy the new Personal Jesus remix and spooky video. And old fav is the Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix) Looking forward to hearing all of the new remixes!

  97. Enjoy The Silence – Final Quad Mix
    Stripped – The Highland Mix

  98. Breathing In Fumes and The On-U-Sound Remixes of Master and Servant are pretty much the best thing ever.

  99. Love the Alan Wilder and Vince Clarke remixes!

  100. I love the Happiest Girl remixes ~

  101. its mine. i just know it is

  102. I have been a long time fan, even before I saw them live when Nitzer Ebb opened for them.

  103. MaxwellDemon

    I love Alan Wilder & would be happy if he did some production work on the next album.

  104. Judas (An Afternoon In Ireland Mix). The bagpipes on that mix add a whole new layer to that song and make it miles better than the original in my opinion.

  105. Whip?


    Three Orange Whips!

  106. Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin Dub)
    Halo [Goldfrapp Remix]

  107. Been a DM fan since Just Can’t Get Enough was released.
    Needless to say my collection is huge and I’d love to add this to it!

  108. I hope that this remix project helps me start to listen to DM again…they have faded overtime from my listening rotation…used to be a constant listen…we’ll see.

  109. Ok, first off, this is the most excited I’ve been about entering a SUE contest… which means I’ll be the most let down if I don’t win.
    DM were my favorite group growing up; I got to listen to them on KROQ out of L.A. and even watched Richard Blade’s show Video One show me videos of “See You” and other early tracks.
    I’ll admit I am not as passionate about their last decade or so of music, but that’s only because it is non-descript (at best) overall. Of course, there are a few tracks here and there that are good, but starting with ‘Exciter’ I’ve become less and less excited. I’ll spare everbody my diatribe about how much they’ve gone downhill since Alan left, even though it’s true, but suffice to say remixes of Depeche Mode are the best way to listen to anything they’ve released since 2000. I am beginning to think even they know it’s true.

  110. me, me, me. mine, mine, mine.

  111. Barrel of a Gun (Underworld Soft mix)

  112. The Safar mix of World in My Eyes is outstanding.

  113. Need it, want it gotta have it!!!

  114. Valerie chacon

    Yes, give it to meeeeeee!
    Any and all pleasure little tresure re-mixes

  115. Depeche Mode is one of the few bands where the remixes are actually worth listening to.

  116. construction time again with a new batch of remixes I cant wait to hear them as they speak n spell there way through my sound system! Some great reward it would be to win this music for the masses of remixed songs if I won! If not I will have to enjoy the silence…

  117. Scott Mittleman

    Don’t know any specific Depeche Mode remixes, but I have been digging their music for the past 20 years.

  118. I want this!

  119. my favorite remixes are Alan Wilder’s remix of “In Chains” which i really think adds strength to Dave’s vocals. i also like the Eric Prydz Mix of “Never Let Me Down Again” which happens to be my favorite Depeche track. the Stargate mix of “Personal Jesus” is quite epic as well.

    this would be a great vinyl set to have. i started collecting vinyl 2 years ago and my first vinyl was a still shrink wrapped 12 inch single of “Enjoy the Silence” that my best friend got for me on Ebay. i have so many Depeche 12 inch singles and studio albums that i find at record stores that my mom has dubbed me the “Depeche Mode Resuce Squad”

  120. At the time, the Quad Mix of Enjoy the Silence was unlike anything I’d ever heard. What an idea to turn the song into this grand 4-part epic that ranges from industrial to orchestral to house. Ambitious.

  121. Dave Kaple

    My Fav. remix is Precious (DJ Dan 4 A.M. Mix)
    So Dance-able !
    p.s. i never win anything :(

  122. Christian Frank

    I love hearing the remixes… reminds me of high school.

  123. Please enter me to win. I love all Depeche Mode remixes!!!!!

  124. Daniel Rock

    My favorite remix of a Depeche Mode song would have to be Stripped, that Rammstein. It’s the only time I could ever stand Rammstein, and it had to be a Depeche Mode song. Only Depeche Mode could make a band that is so bad on their own sound so good.

  125. Love question of lust. When I spin it in the club it always gets the floor crowded.

  126. “Everything Counts” Absolut mix = Amazing
    The graph on the wall tells the story of it all…

  127. Depeche Mode – Stripped (Highland Mix) ~ For everything that it is!!

  128. Alberto Cabezas

    Strange and forbidden fruits. Remixes add some twisted views from a twisted viewer (Martin), to us, twisted viewers and witnesses of love, lust and life in general. Some remixes are good, dancey, old-fashioned, moody. Others are evil, insane or frankly a waste of time. Probably, remixers are doing their love job to a very loved band.
    Long life to Depeche Mode.

  129. The Madcircle

    Love DM. I must say that my favorite mixes are from the early days. Found a cassette in PAris one summer with Speak n Spell remixes. Best DM album.

  130. My favourite remix is one of the boys’ most obscure, Fools (Bigger)…love Construction Time Again era Depeche Mode

  131. “Master And Servant (An On-U Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic)” – old school

  132. Behind The Wheel (Sonic Force REmix) – Love this remix because I split my time between spinning Trance/Progressive and EBM/Goth nights and this fits both perfectly!!!

  133. Chris Clark

    I’m a simpleton, from the day I bought the CD5, it’s the Hands and Feet Mix of Enjoy the Silence.

  134. Probably my favorite depeche remix is the andrea parker remix of its no good. doesn’t get much finer than that remix.

  135. where do all these people come from?

  136. Thanks!

  137. Great Idea for a contest, that DM remix would be smashing on my player…or the cd as well, i’m NOT picky!!!

  138. A Question of Lust (Flood Remix)

    Has more balls… than the original.

  139. Definitely Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts) cuz it’s so much bigger!

  140. Everything Counts (in larger amounts)!

  141. “I Feel Loved” – the Danny Tenaglia’s Labor Of Love Edit. First heard this on Paradise Beach during a trip to Mykonos Greece with my wife. This track always brings me back there…

  142. I like those Behind The Wheel/Route 66 mixes

  143. Personal Jesus(Alex Metric mix)

  144. Great stuff – although the songs don’t need any remixing ’cause their fine as they are…

  145. Jim McCabe

    World in my Eyes (Area 51 remix) is fab!

  146. I think “Shake The Disease” – Remixed Extended is pretty amazing!


  147. I would like to win the Depeche Mode Remixes 2! My favorite remix is ‘Wrong (Thin White Duke Remix)’!

  148. Colton Rawlings

    Depeche Mode brings back memories…

    I think my favorite is still on one of those discs I havent heard yet :)


  149. Enjoy the silence (Hands and feet mix)

  150. JasonHibbitts

    I love Depeche Mode. Violator is my favorite album! I was 13 when it came out.

  151. Enjoy The Silence – Hands and Feet Mix

  152. john rios

    behind the wheel – vince clark mix!

  153. I’ve always been partial to the Richard X remix of ETS. The Boosta remixes of John The Revelatir were good too! I’ll listen to any DM, though.

  154. the awesomeness of this, will be awesome.

  155. I have to say I am most excited about World In My Eyes – Dub In My Eyes, which is a favorite from my 12″ days.

    My fasvorite from the newer era of mixes is Everything Counts – Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub, and I’m glad to see it get a proper U.S. release.

    As for the newest mixes, I’ve been giving Personal Jesus – The Stargate Mix the most listens thanks to the awesome video posted via .

    Thank you for posting the new mixes as they came out. Which one is your favorite?

  156. I am looking forward to purchasing the 3-CD set this tuesday. My current fav DM remix is Personal Jesus (Pump Mix).

  157. Behind The Wheel- love the pop. Grew up on it; pre-moody.

  158. MinnesotaErin

    I love all the previews of the remixes I’ve heard so far! :)

  159. Dangerous is the coolest sounding song ever. For some reason I always wonder what it would sound like in French.

  160. Shandelle

    I can’t wait!

  161. dmgurl101

    Amazingly difficult to choose one favorite song, but I would probably say….. Halo…. the only DM concert I’ve missed was when I had surgery to remove cancer from rectum. I sat in my sitz bath listening to Violator crying because I wasn’t there. The lyrics, “I can feel the discomfort in your seat and in your head it’s worse” really resonated with me. Oh, Shake the Disease, Happiest Girl, and Sea of Sin are way up there, too.

  162. Richard Evans

    route 66 beatmasters. It was really the first remix I heard of Depeche Mode so there a ton of teenage memories with it, but with putting that aside I love that sampling with the sound bits and stuff. I also love the fast upbeat tempo. I find that Depeche Mode songs on their cd are middle of the road tempo, but the remixes are great to dance to. I always was using Depeche Mode remixes with dances that I DJ back in the day.

  163. I soooo need this in my DM collection…

  164. Frank STeine

    enjoy the silence quad remix in all its 15 minute glory!

  165. gary clarke

    What a fantastic prize!

    favourite remix has to be Alan wilders verison of In Chains. The intro is so haunting. Get back in the band Alan!

  166. Eamon Kissane

    Only last week I forked out €80 on the 6LP version of Remixes 81-04 which I already had on CD. It’s a bloody expensive business being a DM devotee! It would be great to not have to fork out €60 for Remixes 81-11. One of my fave remixes is A Question Of Time Extended

  167. I miss Wednesday nights in Philly at Nocturne, so I would love this.

  168. Brian Blair

    I “Just Can’t Get Enough” of them Depeche Mode remixes! Just loving the fact the Alan Wilder and Vince Clarke are apart of this collection.

  169. People are people the original remix is my fav. Still have it after all these years and never tire of hearing it. Please choose me!!!

  170. My favorite is “Painkiller (Kill The Pain)” by DJ Shadow.

  171. Cesar Mejias

    I love the Master & Servant remix and It would be great to get a copy of this.

  172. 25+ year devotee – Would love to win this!

  173. So excited for this! Depeche Mode is one of those bands that you almost think is a guilty pleasure

  174. There are so many good DM remixes it’s hard to decide which one is my favorite, but lately I have really been getting into The Darkest Star James Holden Remix

  175. I will have to go with a lot of people’s response of Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts) as my favorite remix, great remix of an already great song.

  176. I would love to win this. All my DM was destroyed last week in a house fire, and this would really make my month (I’d actually prefer the runners up CDs so I don’t have to buy a turntable!). Good luck to all!

  177. Really enjoying the new Vince Clarke remix of “Behind the Wheel.” Lovely.

  178. I am now in love with her…

  179. I’m just happy i found this site;)!! There is a remix/mash-up of Master and servant/Benny Benassi satisfaction that is really cool. Not sure who did it though. Good luck to everyone out there. Cheers!

  180. Fly On The Windscreen (Death Mix) – this was one of the first remixes I had heard that radically changed the song rather than the usual ‘extended’ mixes made in the the 80’s. I still have my double 12″ pack of “It’s Called A Heart” that I bought back in 1985!

  181. Gotta have it!

    Toss up between Never let me down again and Everything Counts.

  182. Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)

    Probably the first record I ever bought. And it sounded soooo good on the big stereo system :-)

  183. I’ve always loved The Beatmasters’ remix of “Route 66” and their use of the “Name That Tune” and Wolfman Jack samples. Classic 80s stuff right there.

  184. Too many good DM remixes to pick from. Would love to win this set. Thanks for running the contest.

  185. Love DM!

  186. I think my favorite remix might be “It’s Called a Heart (Slow Mix)”. I’m also very fond of “Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)”, though.

  187. Gotta be the Pulsating Orbital Vocal mix of Happiest Girl

  188. Fave: “Enjoy the Silence (Hands and Feet Mix)” Retro, straightforward, and glorious.

  189. Get the Balance Right (Combination Mix) FTW!

  190. Huge Fan and vinyl junkie. Would be a dream to add this prize to my collection. “A Pain That I’m Used To” – Jacques Lu Cont Remix has been a favorite since I heard Pete Tong Air it on Radio One. I just Love a grumbling baseline.

  191. I would love this on Vinyl. DM always packs the dance floor.

  192. Bratteklev

    Always loved the remix of Strange Love that incorporates a sample of Fad Gadget’s Collapsing New People. Don’t recall offhand the name of the mix.

  193. Personal Jesus mix from the old CD-Maxi single. Had about 6 mixes on it, so I can’t recall the names.


  194. Marc Icovino

    Love Depeche Mode…Can’t wait for this collection

  195. Brian Andersen

    There R so many to choose from – BUT the 1 and only for me is the Air Around the Golf Remix of Home.
    Is the remix I played in 1998 and 2002, when I came home from the hospital with my son and daughter !
    That was my way to let them know, that they came HOME

  196. Spencer E

    Waiting for the Night (L.A. Lunar Mix)~ Makes me drunk, dizzy and overwhelmed…in a good way.

  197. When I bought my first CD player (I mowed lawns for an entire summer), my first CD was “Music for the Masses”. I remember being in awe of how amazing it sounded.

    Shortly thereafter, I ended up buying all of the “Violator” singles. I remember being in awe of the different ways they could twist around “Policy of Truth” and “Enjoy the Silence”.

    That same summer was my first concert, the Violator Tour at Dodger Stadium (Electronic and Nitzerebb opened). It still holds up as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  198. I’m just excited at the fact that Freestate is getting remixed and final recognition because it’s one of my all time favorite Depeche songs and highly underrated…

  199. Well, it’s not my all time favorite (that would take more thought) but one that I like is Free Love (Flood Mix). It’s not flashy, but it’s better than the original track in a minimalist sorta way.

  200. Tracy Besenyodi

    Have always loved their remixes. I had many of them on vinyl and cassingle back in the day.

  201. Love the Vince Clarke remix of Behind the Wheel! It makes me want to dance and I don’t like to dance. Cheers!

  202. Things You Said (Lullaby mix). I love all the various dance remixes of other songs, but this remix captured the melancholy of the song, which has personal meaning to me.

  203. Kenny Cagle

    Patiently waiting for UPS to deliver my copy.

  204. B-side delving… go with Sea of Sin – Sensoria mix. Nice nod to Cabs.

  205. My absolute favorite remix (that I’ve heard so far) is Alan Wilder’s remix of In Chains. I love how he gives a nod to the band’s later work without him by using the ambient noise from the outro of “I Want It All” that leads into “Nothing’s Impossible” off of Playing the Angel. Plus you can play the remix back to back to one of his Recoil compositions and it feels perfectly at home in mood and atmosphere. Best way to remix, in my opinion!

  206. It’s impossible to say this compilation is a necessity. As a fan of 22 years I refuse to spend any money on songs I already have or am not interested in having (Wilder or Clark remixes). I can live without these pieces, I doubt any of these are worth listening. There was not a single good remix since 1994.

  207. DM remixes sound great from what little I’ve heard so far. Love Gahan’s appearance on WNYC this month. Coolness.

  208. Rob Popien

    Would like to add this to my collection. Please throw my name in the hat. thx

  209. I’m pretty sure I’d die if I won the vinyl box set. I’m looking forward to hearing some DM classics with a fresh, new twist on them. I think it’s great that the entire group has worked together putting this magnificent collection together!

  210. Went out on my lunch break to pick up the 3 Cd set w/ the exclusive 12 in. Very excited to listen to them all, but have to listen to In Chains first… did not disappoint!

  211. trampoline72

    Adrian Sherwood’s de- and re-construction of “Master and Servant” blew my mind when I first heard it back in ’85 on the late, great KQAK. It also introduced me to the world of finding limited edition import Depeche Mode records… The extended mix of “Shake the Disease” and the Highland mix of “Stripped” are also up there.

  212. George Hixson

    Enjoy the Silence Quad Mix, mainly because of the excitement of tracking it it down in the days before Internet shopping.

  213. Trista Hixson

    Album mix of Lie to Me….perfect how it is.

  214. Too hard to say which would be my favorite mix. So many mixes for so many moods.

  215. Lauren & John


    Due to our kinky bedroom habits, we’re fond of the “Slavery Whip” remix of Master and Servant.

  216. The mix of “In Chains” by Alan Wilder. Brings new life to the song.

  217. I am not familiar with many of the remixes and it has been a long time since I have heard any 12″ of them although I have many of their albums.

  218. Neil Murray

    This new set of remixes looks superb. I already have many of them, but that third disc looks good! I think the Behind The Wheel remix from Vince kind of brings the whole Depeche story full circle.

  219. Jim Sells

    Need this bad, for DM rock mightily.

  220. Awesome!!!
    Last time Depeche visited my country for live it canceled a couple of minutes before the show…

  221. I love Depeche mode, but where are remixes like timo maas Enjoy the silence, or villalobos sinner in me?? those are great!

  222. My all-time favorite DM song is “Enjoy the Silence”. It is particularly poignant on this release with the main reason being it is the most “silent” of all the versions I’ve yet to hear. Seriously… Great group. Great music. Long live vinyl!

  223. Canuck80sGuy

    Can’t pick a fav remix but need the 3CD to complete my DM collection.

  224. very excited about this. love the design.

  225. simply…amazing!! love depeche mode!!

  226. Great song, great band and great thing. Great! ! !

  227. The best band ever…

  228. There have been several great remixes done, but some of the standouts are: the Kruder and Dorfmeister remix of Useless, the Harmonium version of ETS (aka the original way it was intended), most of the Razormaid mixes, and I’m liking the Stargate mix of Personal Jesus!

  229. I like the “Behind The Wheel/Route 66” (megamix) with “Nothing” (dub) a close second.

  230. “Strangelove (Blind Mix)” — It gives the original enough bite to make it sound perfect for industrial dancefloors.

  231. I recall a ‘holier than thou’ mixe of Personal Jesus that came out on a Francois Kevorkian 12″ remix that I like alot…

  232. Can’t wait to win. Thanks!

  233. Will Hodge

    Man, my favorite DM remix would probably have to be the “Route 66” (Nile Rodgers Mix) from ’87. It’s so good. Love the guitars on it!

  234. Oh my goodness! This is exciting!

  235. Brandon V.

    There’s so many Depeche remixes that I love, but the elusive Quad: Final Mix of “Enjoy the Silence” has to rank up there towards the top.

  236. Mark Williams

    “I Feel You, Throb Mix”………..Rock Mode at their best!

  237. A lot of remixes, i Want it all!!

  238. beatmaster23

    what vince clarke did for behind the wheel is spectacular. that should be the version they play from now on when going on tour. moreover, they should do a remix tour with this new batch of good remixes. hope i win!!!

  239. I love Depeche Mode!!! The Pink Noize remix of Dream On is good :)

  240. This is nice. Very nice.

  241. Would love to win the vinyl, for my personal collection! Favorite remix? So far, I’ve not enjoyed the remixes as much as the originals, I always go for the original. Maybe winning this vinyl set will change my mind!

  242. Include me in the contest!

    I love DM and have for as long as I can remember.

    The impractical 15 year old side of me wants to buy the vinyl, because I LOVE vinyl. The practical 30-something side of me says, you don’t even have a working record player you nitwit, just download it off Itunes.

    Decisions, Decisions…

  243. I think my favorite remix is for Leave in Silence- Claro Intelecto- the ambient one. Simply stunning.

  244. My favorite DM mix is the Oil Tank Remix of World in My Eyes. I love how it begins and the added production is very cool while the essence of the song remains intact. It also reminds me of dating my wife before we were married because I bought the single then and played it lots!

  245. Eduardo Carvalho Santa

    I Just want to win this, I love the two Karlsson And Winnberg remixes, Alan Wilder, the older ones like the Unkle remix and the non standart remix album remixes such as “The Rainfall…”, “in chans (myer & wilder)”.. I WANT IT ALL ON VINYL FORMAT!!!

  246. I have been a fan of Depeche Mode since 1981 when I first heard them on Friday NIght Videos (Just Cant Get Enough was the music for the opening sequence) They were my first concert back in 1986 and I have seen them every tour since.

    So many favorites on this new remix album.
    Tora! Tora! Tora!, When The Body Speaks, Behind The Wheel (incredible remix by VC), Fly on The Windscreen Death Mix-reminds me of wearing out my record needle to DM so long ago.

  247. “Wrong” – Trentemøller Club Remix (2009)
    I love how it slowly builds and than turns into an electro dance track brilliant!!

  248. This is an amazing giveaway. I’m somewhat of a purist when it comes to DM… love all their original music, but if I had to pick a favoritie remix, I suppose it would be the Route 66/Behind theWheel remix from their last Greatest Hits album. Thanks for the chance to win.

  249. SlaveeJay

    Tora! Tora! Tora! is awfull and I have no idea why did you let it see the light, although Behind the Wheel Vince Clarke Remix) and Ghost (Le Weekend Remix) are brilliant brilliant brilliant. I adore M83 so I am weak on Suffer Well (M83 Remix) as well

  250. I love Depeche Mode. I love remixes. I love vinyl. I’ll love you, too, if I win this contest.

  251. Just heard about this contest on Strangeways… eee!

  252. I REALLLYYY want to win this!

    One of my fave DM remixes is Stripped – Highland Mix… gotta love that long intro.

  253. I had waited to listen to the Alan remix until I received my cd in the mail. I love his version – it has some great soundscapes, but I love the original too. It *does* sound like Recoil (well duh) but then again I love Recoil too.

  254. Favourite remix is Rush (Coil’s Black Sun remix). Fusion of two amazing bands…..

  255. Let’s see another remix of Photographic, one of the more under appreciated DM songs.

  256. Paul Gilronan

    PLEASE PICK ME, I’M A LIFE LONG DEVOTEE!!!!! My fave remix is Enjoy The Silence Quad mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. One of my favorite Depeche Mode remixes is:

    Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Mix)

    Love It!!

  258. “World in My Eyes” is still my absolute fave….<3

  259. I would have to say that the Alan Wilder Remix of In Chains is my favorite. The Vince Clarke Mix is good but perplexes me. I don’t quite get what the voice throughout the mix is saying and it sounds kind of annoying. Some of the new mixes are really just filler and some very good.

  260. want.

  261. Princess Di is wearing a new dress…

  262. Impossible to pick a single favorite remix, but for me it might be “Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)” from Music for the Masses CD.

  263. Göran Hellström

    I’ve never really listened to DM, maybe this could be a good start?

  264. my fave remixes are the ones alan wilder & vince clarke did… & the alex metric is great, too! just been listening to the 1st rmx box 81-04…
    & of course im interested in winning a vinyl box or the 3cd box… thanks & best
    daniel aka psycho-jones

  265. I just can’t get enough of your website & contests!

  266. me me me, please.

    i’m a huge fan of both DM and vinyl.

  267. Shad Pulley

    The “Pain Mix” and the “Blind Mix” of Strangelove have always been two of my favorites…

  268. Want!

  269. Shad Pulley

    Oh.. And the Razormaid remix of “Sea of Sin” with Enya’s “Orinocco Flow” sampled in.. That’s a big favorite too..

  270. Annie Zaleski

    The remix of “Enjoy The Silence” found here, mainly cause of the video!

  271. As one of the few DJs out there who still use real vinyl records, I would LOVE to get my hands on the vinyl edition of “Remixes 2.” The 3-CD set wouldn’t be too bad either.

    My favourite officially-released Depeche Mode remix so far is probably the On-USound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic version of “Master + Servant.” There’s something about the way that the mix is constructed that really appeals to me. It’s almost as if the beat is “breathing” in and out. It features all of the lyrics (which is a really big deal for me), and overall, it’s just a spectacular piece of production work.

  272. I loved the Enjoy the Silence 16 minute remix that was included with the special edition of The Singles.

  273. Lilian (Chab Vocal Mix) is quite brilliant. But these are some of the best remixes in a while. I heart vinyl.

  274. I.WaNt.It.ALL! ……literally!;-))

  275. Winning this will be as good a complement as seeing Strangelove tomorrow night, the ultimate Live Depeche Mode tribute band. Right?

  276. personal jesus (pump mix)!

  277. Matthew Leach

    Have always loved The Quad: Final mix of Enjoy the Silence. When I was first getting into DM and other electronic dance stuff, a good friend put that on a mix tape with a bunch of other fantastic tunes, and I kept coming back to it and back to it. Still my favorite. Was SO thrilled when it appeared on the bonus disc with The Singles 86-98.

  278. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. YES.

  279. My favorite is I Feel You In Your Room and Just Can’t Get Enough of Your Strangelove so I Stripped and Enjoyed the Silence. B/W Master and Servant (Tom Jones Mix)

  280. Jenn Stuart

    never let me down again (aggro mix)

  281. Dear Slicing: Winning a 3CD set will make me the HAPPIEST GIRL I EVER KNEW! Much love, long-time reader Waist High

  282. favorite mix of all remixes so far: Route 66 Beatmasters Mix

  283. IF you held a gun to my head I guess I would pick ETS QUAD mix as my fav.

  284. My alltime favorite Depeche Mode Remix?
    That’s a hard one…hmmm…
    1)”Strangelove(Pain Mix)”-I loved this track when it first came out…House was getting really popular and everybody started to include House mixes on their singles.
    Pumping beats,high hats,etc… It also mixes really well into Nitzer Ebb “Join In The Chant(Burn!)” (I think that’s the mix). I still play those back to back when I DJ.
    2)”Never Let Me Down Again(Aggro Mix)”-I think this was just a great year for Remixes.
    This mix was just awesome ‘cuz it was just a radically different version of the song. It was mostly instrumental,they kept the pounding “Art of Noise” style beats and cranked them up,that pulsing bassline sounded like it shoul’ve been the soundtrack to chase scene in an action movie,and the emotionless vocal track repeating Never Let Me Down over and over. Something about it always reminded me of the Miami Vice theme…hahaha!
    3)”Nothing(Zip-Hop Mix)”-This mix was just awesome! Was thrown on the B-side of the Re-released single for “Strangelove(Hi-Jack Mix)” (which was also good with the “People Are People” sample in there). “Nothing” always should’ve been an A-side and I think they knew it. Great song,great Remix!
    I could go on,but I’ll stop…

  285. But Not Tonight remix! …Can I have it now??? :)

  286. oh, vinyl !!!!
    Favorite previously released mixes are Get The Balance Right Combination Mix & Route 66 BeatMasters Mix.
    Favorite New remixes off this album are Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke Mix) and In Chains (Alan Wilder Mix). What can I say but that I’m a fan from 1982 and love all past & present members work! Plus, those are some remixes that get you shaking what your momma gave you. In the words spoken by Mr. Dave Gahan “Yeah, that’s right!”

  287. Ulrich Schnauss + Little 15 = cosmic transportation

  288. They’re all so sweet.

  289. ETS-The Ewan Pearson Extended Instrumental Remix!! It takes everything I love about the song and made it 8 minutes long. I’d listen to Enjoy the Silence if it were eight hours long.

  290. Dave Salmon

    One of my favorite remixes is the Royksopp Remix of Puppets. One of my favorite early DM tracks and Royksopp took it and transformed it from a melancholic soothing track to an upbeat happy dance tune. I love it and would live to spin it for the dance floor!

  291. Route 66remixes are the best. Winning this vinyl set will compel me to buy a true turntable!

  292. Awesome contest. It’s hard to choose a favorite remix, given all that have been done over the years. I am really loving Vince’s remix of Behind The Wheel right now. And have always loved the Metal Mix of Something To Do. :)

  293. Oh, pretty please? Winning would make my week!

  294. Karen Woodiel

    Pick me! Pick me!

  295. Never Let Me Down Again “Aggro Mix”. When all of my teenage girlfriends were losing their damn minds over New Kids on the Block, this dark and austere beauty cemented my early love for music that meant something. 20+ years later, it and it’s live interpretations still move me.

  296. Ted McIntyre

    Black Celebration (Black Tulip mix)

  297. Depeche mode is linked to special memories with my sister. She has colon cancer and I wish to goto another concert with with her. Hope to create memories that will stay in my mind forever. Their new remixes will be linked to new and old memories. <3

  298. Francisco Salazar

    De la mano de Daniel Miller y Depeche Mode se dio valor a la cultura de la mezcla en la escena electrónica y la música en general. El nuevo discos de mezclas contiene ejemplos sobresalientes de reinterpretaciones (unkle, alan wilder, le weekend), versiones bailables de piezas que en teoría no son bailables (las versiones de personal jesus 2011) y el beat moderno. La crítica que cabe es como los DM y su disquera y subsidiarias le siguen sacando leche a la vaca.

  299. Melissa D

    This is a fantastic contest. it’s awesome that you guys are doing it.

    and i have to say, my favorite remix that i’ve heard so far is with out a doubt ‘In Chains'(Alan Wilder Remix)

    to be able to her Depeche WITH Wilder’s input for the first time in almost 16 years was incredible.
    not to mention that the mix is just out right incredible.

  300. Antoinette777

    Love DM ever since elementary school! Please, I hope you pick MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :)

  301. More Depeche Mode! My favorite mix is the Split Mix of “Never Let Me Down Again.” It is just my favorite for any reason reason in the world.

  302. Love Depeche. Covet the records.

  303. I grew up with Depeche in the ’80s. I still have my original vinyl. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE the new remixes! Strangelove is one of my favorites.

  304. I really love these new remixes, I hope there is more!

  305. You’d think after getting Martin Gore tattooed on my shoulder I’d win something nice like this. Maybe?

  306. Another great remix collection!

  307. Still waiting for the Mart tart/Gore wh*re remix. you know we all are.

  308. Call me an old-skool purist, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Robert Margouleff’s extended remix of “But Not Tonight” from the US 12″ single that coincided with the release of the film “Modern Girls”. The mix keeps all of the original flavor of the single mix and brings out every track used to create the mix & highlights them so that when you go back & listen to the single edit, you hear tracks & noises & beats you never realized were in there, and then you think, “Damn, that song is a lot more complex than I thought”, despite the general feeling by the band & many fans that the song itself was a simple throwaway track.

  309. Pick me!

  310. My favorite remix is the Split Mix of Never Let Me Down Again…its makes the song sound majestic.

  311. Agree with MJ – Behind The Wheel/Route 66 mix. Or the Cicada mix of World In My Eyes…

  312. Hey now! Count me in. Winning the LPs would be the finest kind of pork. (I still play vinyl on my turntable every. single. day.)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  313. i am in love with “personal jesus (stargate mix)” because it’s (dare i say) better than the original! i am a huge depeche mode fan and it takes a lot for me to say it. needless to say, that track BLEW MY MIND. it would be perfection to hear it on vinyl.

  314. Julie Patton

    want it need it

  315. Love all the DM remixes- but am especially interested in checking out the Royksopp remix mentioned by a commenter above. Love Royksopp, so I am guessing if combined with DM’s genius, that’s got to be some good stuff!

  316. Favorite remix is the Six Toes mix of Peace. Actually makes it better

  317. I am ordering my a brand new turntable. First one I have had since Depeche Mode were strapping young lads.

    What a beauty this will be, spinning on said turntable.

    I love this site so much! And I am not just saying that to suck up!

  318. the new 3xcd version goes great with the first 3xcd box…vince clarke & alan wilder’s remixes are sweet too!
    I would really like to win the VINYL BOX!!!

  319. My favorite 12″ is the marbled vinyl pressing of Shake The Disease.

  320. My favorite DM remix is the “Route 66” version of “Behind the Wheel” with Wolfman Jack in the mix. Such good summertime memories associated with that song from San Francisco’s “Live 105.”

  321. I think my all-time favourite DM remix has to be the On-USound remix of “Master & Servant”. It’s a little unconventional and noisy, but that’s what I like about it. As for recent remixes, not a lot have tickled my fancy, but I do like James Holden’s rework of “The Darkest Star”.

  322. please hook ME up with the VINYL BOXSET or I will be sad!

  323. Michael west

    Stripped highland mix. Anything that makes that song last longer has to be good.

  324. Best memory: November 13, 1998 front row for Depeche in Miami…Dave threw his towel at me…yes covered in sweat! I put it in a ziploc baggie and have it in my night stand! Favorite Remix: Ghost (le weekend remix) I’ve been Devoted since Dreaming of Me hit the US several decades ago!!

  325. strangemodegirl

    Been a fan since 1984 and am unemployed, so I would LOVE to win the LP set!!
    The Wild Planet Vocal Remix of “Rush” Is one of my favorites, as is the Nile Rodgers remix of “Route 66”

  326. I love vinyl… it’s a lot like life, and that’s what’s appealing.

  327. Vince Clarke remixes all the way. Vinyl Rules!

  328. I will be praying to my Personal Jesus, that I win. I hope the Girl Behind the Wheel, does not get FILES on the Windscreen, when she tries to deliver my prize. I guess I will just DREAM ON, and hope that I win.

  329. Lori Economou

    I’m just a lonely girl that lives in the middle of no where that is in desperate need of some Strangelove. The halo that I wear can only be compared to the blue dress I wear to any and all black celebration. WORD! MODE for life. Haven’t missed a show since 1982. Devout? I think so!

  330. I’m a sucker for the “In Your Room” Jeep Rock Mix.

  331. Auravahtia

    I don’t know what DM remix I like. But, if I win, I will gladly let you know what remix I like the best out of these cds. :) Good luck all! <3

  332. My fav remix was one of the first songs I ever heard from DM – Never Let Me Down Split Mix!

  333. A short while back I heard a remix of Lie To Me on YouTube. Don’t know who remixed it but it’s awesome! Thanks.

  334. Hard to say, but Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) does stick out.

  335. G. Dziubon

    In Chains [Alan Wilder Remix]
    Behind The Wheel [Vince Clarke Remix]

  336. My favorite DM remix is the ‘World in My Eyes’ Cicada mix. So pulsating and wonderful.

  337. They had me at “Death is everywhere … “

    “Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)” will always win the award for best remix ever. Why?
    Nuff said.

  339. Anticipating.. nothing.

  340. The new remixes of Leave in Silence are killing me! Awesome!

  341. Augustus McKnight

    Nothing! Nothing!

  342. The Naweed remix of Depeche Mode’s “Insight” really brings out the best in the song. The “Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Mix)” has always been my favorite, though.
    I could really use the 3CD set, because it will make my awesome life much awesomer. Much appreciated!

  343. I do love the Royksopp mix…

  344. Kevin Kolodziej

    Some great remixes on this. I particularly enjoyed the Royksopp mix… I think the Clarke mix of Behind the Wheel is great, too, while I think the Wilder mix still needs to grow in me a bit.

  345. Hmm.. favorite remix is the 15 minute “Enjoy the Silence” remix. Nice and nicely done.

  346. Longtime fan of DM and would LOVE to own this set! The day I heard Black Celebration it changed my life.

  347. Since I haven’t heard any of their remixes..what a great way to start by winning this.

  348. me me me i want i want i want!!! :)

  349. Martin Ouellet

    Enjoy the Silence (The Quad: Final Mix) remains so epic after all those years!

  350. Watching The Mechanic right now starring Charles Bronson. Bronson and DM…always a good combination.

  351. Penelope Periconi

    I would so love to win that 6LP deluxe vinyl set!!

  352. Way too hard to pick any favorite. Walking in My shoes remixes were super tho.

  353. This is the band that ruined my childhood. There I was, the day after my 13th birthday, about to attend my first concert ever, Tour of The Masses, San Diego, CA 1987. After that…instead of playing sports, there I was digging through records at my favorite record stores. It’s been an awesome ride ever since! I’d love to get my hands on some vinyl. Long live The MODE!

  354. Oh yeah… and my favorite remix is “Are People People”… Naw just kidding. My favorite remix would have to be “Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session)”. It’s perhaps one of the most chilled remixes they’ve ever put to wax.

  355. The new Vince Clark rmx of Behind the Wheel is fantastic.

  356. mary anne tom

    “Behind the Wheel”

    They’re all great. Jeez. ;)

  357. tappanzee

    My favorite remix… very difficult to pick. Though I have others I like as much I’ll have to say M83’s Suffer Well Remix is my favorite, it makes me cry.

  358. Please help, i search everyvere but nothing the original folk song in the judas ireland an afternoon mix..

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