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Stream: The Japanese Popstars featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith, ‘Take Forever’

The Japanese Popstars, 'Take Forever'

Back in March, we brought you a teaser of “Take Forever,” a new mid-tempo dance track by The Japanese Popstars featuring Robert Smith of The Cure on lead vocals — and today, with the single finally released in the U.K., the Northern Ireland electronic act has made the track available for all to hear.

The cut — which follows Smith’s guest turn last year on Crystal Castles’ “Not In Love” — appears on Controlling Your Allegiance, which arrives next week in both the U.S. and U.K. The record also includes “Song for Lisa,” featuring Lisa Hannigan; “Joshua,” featuring Editors’ Tom Smith; and “Destroy,” featuring the Blues Explosion’s Jon Spencer.

As for Smith’s involvement, the band writes, “Eighteen months ago when we asked Robert Smith to guest on our album, we never thought we would have the pleasure of working with someone that has meant so much to us and influenced our way of thinking, as well as so many The Cure fans from around the world. All our dreams were made real.”

Stream the Japanese Popstars’ ‘Take Forever’ after the jump…

The Japanese Popstars featuring Robert Smith, “Take Forever”


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  1. yes, robert smith can do all! I don´t like elektro-music, but this is a kind of industrial mixed with spheric sound and the importend thing: his voice! like it

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