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Stream: Morrissey debuts three new songs on Janice Long’s show on BBC Radio 2

Morrissey and cat, circa 2010

With a new record complete but no label to put it out, Morrissey debuted three new songs — “Action Is My Middle Name,” “The Kid’s A Looker” and “People Are The Same Everywhere” — in a live session recorded last week and broadcast tonight on Janice Long’s late-night show on BBC Radio 2.

As can be expected, recordings of the three rather rocking new songs by the ex-Smiths frontman — who opens his summer European tour tomorrow night in Scotland — are all over the web, and we’ve got all three posted below for your streaming pleasure.

In a statement released last month, Morrissey revealed that he’s got a new record in the can: “The follow-up to Years of Refusal is ready and fluttering wildly against the bars. There is still no record label and the years shuffle like cards. My talents do not lie in DIY.” The three songs premiered tonight presumably are part of that album; it remains to be seen whether Moz will debut more on his upcoming tour.

Stream Morrissey’s three new songs after the jump…

Morrissey, “Action Is My Middle Name”

Morrissey, “The Kid’s A Looker”

Morrissey, “People Are The Same Everywhere”


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  1. Jose Jones

    I love Moz but these new songs are very ordinary.

  2. underdog69

    So… Bsides fare at best, although “people are the same” grows on you as a listen (NOT a single, please?).

  3. Kent Butabi

    Darn, I already didn’t care for his last album.

  4. His last two albums both took time to grow on me, with Ringleaders ultimately proving more enduring and cohesive. But yes, from this sampling it’s hard to see greatness blooming over many listens…

  5. its incredible how his voice NEVER changes one bit.

  6. Seriously, why doesn’t Moz just sit down and have lunch with each of us already, isn’t that what we truly want lol? Ah to spend even an hour with him…. I will always ALWAYS love the great Morrissey, there will never be no one ever just as beautiful as he, my first and only true love <3 However, I personally will just be listening to mostly Smiths until the day I die :D PS Unfortunately I never had the privilege of seeing The Smiths live but I saw the Viva Hate tour and it blew my mind! It's so difficult to top the best…

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