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Throwing Muses to release ‘Anthology’ best-of with 22-track bonus disc, go on tour

Throwing Muses

Venerable U.K. label 4AD will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Throwing Muses’ debut with the band’s first-ever compilation, a 21-song set called Anthology that will come with, in its initial limited release, a hard-back book and a bonus disc with 22 additional B-sides and rarities.

Due out Sept. 5, Anthology was compiled by the band — founded in 1981 by stepsisters Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly — and its “track selection eschews most of the singles in favor of personal favorites, and enjoys a non-chronological sequence, which makes for interesting juxtapositions and encourages a reassessment of the music,” 4AD writes in its announcement of the project today.

The bonus disc features the previously unreleased “Hillbilly,” plus a couple tracks only released in the U.S. (“If,” “Heel Toe”) and an early version of “Back Road (Matter of Degrees),” plus a slew of covers (including “Amazing Grace,” “Manic Depression” and “Cry Baby Cry,” the latter of which shouldn’t be confused with the band’s song of the same name, which also appears here).

Of the release, Hersh says:

”It’s beautiful and substantial, thanks to awesome David Narcizo/Lakuna Design – a chunky, 28-page hardcover booklet and two CDs – one CD consisting of a hand-selected retrospective tracklist by Kristin, David and Bernard, and on the other the collected B-sides, including the original Lonely is an Eyesore version of ‘Fish,’ the long-lost ‘Hillbilly’ and the original version of ‘Back Road (Matter of Degrees).'”

Hersh also notes: “And yes, the release will be supported by Throwing Muses live dates.” It’s not known whether that lineup will include Donelly, who left the band in 1991, but contributed backing vocals on the band’s 2003 self-titled album. The Muses finished work earlier this year on a new record, although it didn’t appear Donelly was involved.

See tracklist for Throwing Muses’ ‘Anthology’ after the jump…

Throwing Muses, 'Anthology'

Tracklist: Throwing Muses, Anthlogy

1. “Garoux Des Larmes”
2. “Finished”
3. “A Feeling”
4. “Marriage Tree”
5. “Fish”
6. “Hate My Way”
7. “No Way In Hell”
8. “Colder”
9. “Tar Kissers”
10. “Mr. Bones”
11. “Limbo”
12. “Summer St.”
13. “Furious”
14. “Bright Yellow Gun”
15. “Pretty or Not”
16. “Flying”
17. “You Cage”
18. “Two Step”
19. “Vicky’s Box”
20. “Mania”
21. “Cry Baby Cry”

1. “Hillbilly”
2. “Same Sun”
3. “Amazing Grace”
4. “Cottonmouth”
5. “Cry Baby Cry”
6. “Manic Depression”
7. “Snailhead”
8. “City of the Dead”
9. “Jak”
10. “Ride Into The Sun”
11. “Handsome Woman”
12. “Like A Dog”
13. “Crayon Sun”
14. “Red Eyes”
15. “Tar Moochers”
16. “Serene Swing”
17. “Limbobo”
18. “If”
19. “Heel Toe”
20. “Take” (Live)
21. “Finished” (Live)
22. “Back Road (Matter of Degrees)”


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  1. What?! Where’s “Not Too Soon”? BAH.

    • weary dude

      If you want a singles compilation you are listening to the wrong band and are completely missing the point.

      These tracks were hand picked by the band. The remastered versions are what is keeping me awake. This is much more representative of the band than a straight singles set could ever hope to be. This is the real guts of the band(thanks Tine)

  2. Stupid User Name

    and where is “Counting Backwards”? That seems like a glaring omission…

  3. It’s driving me nuts that some promo materials are referring to “Hillbilly” as previously unreleased (I know it’s not your fault). It was released on a 1995 Reprise Records compilation called “You Ready For This? Music From The Extreme Games”. Can be had on eBay for under $5, though it’ll be great to have it here too.

  4. it’s cool to see “Chains Changed” and “Fat Skier” represented! of course we’re all going to lament some personal favorites omitted, but let’s face it, we already own those songs anyway, and this looks like it will be a very challenging collection. actually, i’d like to see someone’s reaction if they heard Throwing Muses the first time through this compilation – i bet their mind would be blown….

  5. “track selection eschews most of the singles in favor of personal favorites, and enjoys a non-chronological sequence”

    Do people actually read the articles before making a post? I wonder how many more people will complain about missing singles.

  6. i also think the non-chronological sequence is a shrewd move. that’s what made the first Led Zeppelin box set really fly – this weird new juxtaposition of songs you’d never heard back to back. it cast them in a new light.

    i’ll be buying this for sure. yay, Muses!

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