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Contest: Win ‘David Bowie: Starman,’ new biography of the Thin White Duke

Next week, Little, Brown and Company will publish “David Bowie: Starman,” an exhaustive 544-page biography of the Thin White Duke by former Mojo magazine editor Paul Trynka — and the publishing house has been kind enough to offer up copies for three lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

According to the publisher, Trynka “illuminates Bowie’s seemingly contradictory life and his many reinventions as an artist, offering over 300 new interviews with everyone from classmates to managers to lovers. He reveals Bowie’s broad influence on the entertainment world, from movie star to modern-day icon, trend-setter to musical innovator.”

To enter, drop a comment below — it can be anything, but, if you’re game, humor us by naming your favorite David Bowie song. We’ll take entries until noon EST Friday, July 22. After that point, we’ll randomly select a winner, who will be contacted via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit e-mail address.

Finally, per the book’s publisher, the contest only is open to entrants living in the United States and Canada. Sorry, but those are the rules.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering, and sharing your favorite David Bowie songs. The three randomly selected winners are LonnieAfterMidnight, jacques and Dolores Tinari. Congrats.






  1. Tobey Cook

    This would be a fantastic read! If I had to pick my favorite Bowie song it would probably be Man Who Sold The World.

  2. LonnieAfterMidnight

    scary monsters! ;)

  3. Tim Stellar

    David Bowie Saved My Soul.

    Soul Love…

  4. Jennifer Bates

    Let’s Dance (not really my favorite but it’s the one I hear most.)

  5. Love ‘Ashes to Ashes’ –
    ‘time and again i tell myself
    i’ll stay clean tonight
    but the little green wheels are following me’
    always stuck with me.

  6. John Cram

    Knowledge comes with death’s release.

  7. kim mills

    favorite bowie song…too many to list!

    sweet thing from diamond dogs
    v2 schneider from heroes
    heroes in german
    hang onto yourself from ziggy

    i could go on…. :)

  8. “Heroes”

    I’ve heard it thousands of times, and I still hear something new in it every single time.

  9. Brianna Stallings

    My favorite Bowie songs are “Andy Warhol” and “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson.”

  10. This would be a lovely addition to my library….

  11. “Suffragette City” still ranks high with me, but my favorite is “Moonage Daydream.” Oh yeah!

  12. I love David Bowie!

  13. My fave is Young Americans. The first time I saw Bowie was on Soul Train as a kid. I have been a fan ever since.

  14. tom hamrick

    man too many great ones but I sure love Andy Warhol

  15. Cannot wait to read my free copy while listening to Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)

  16. It’s No Game

  17. quicksand

  18. Well…I have a show called Sound and Vision, which is ONE of my faves. #1 would prob by Heroes. Absolute Beginners, Drive-In Saturday and Rebel Rebel are up there as well.

  19. Five Years

  20. Patricia Wallace

    I love Bowie’s cover of Wild is the Wind and Alladin Sane but can’t say just one song. They are all amazing! Bowie is an amazing phenomenon, a Starman that we have been fortunate indeed for him to have graced our planet with his presence.

  21. Antoinette777

    Too many fave’s to just name one song! I <3 Bowie!!!!!!!

  22. BrianUnited

    Too many to choose from, but right now it is “Stay.”

  23. Jason Brockman

    Bowie is not only my favorite artist, but also my 6 year old Avi. My favorite is Diamond Dogs, and his favorite is Fame.

  24. Always Crashing in the Same Car

  25. Tim Smith

    I’m an alligator, I’m a mama-papa coming for you
    I’m the space invader, I’ll be a rock ‘n’ roll bitch for you
    Keep your mouth shut,
    you’re squawking like a pink monkey bird
    And I’m busting up my brains for the words!

  26. scott (the other one)

    Up the Hill Backwards.

  27. Favorite song, hands down: We Are the Dead.

  28. Jeffrey Jaworski

    Life on Mars?……nuff said.i

  29. Queen Bitch

  30. you remind me of the babe

  31. Young Americans. Good backing vocals.

  32. Only pick one favorite? Impossible! But Ziggy has to be my favorite album.

  33. Kim Nielsen

    Ahhhh, Bowie – with such a fabulous repertoire and ever-changing persona… how to narrow it down to just ONE song as a favorite…

    I would have to say “Heroes.” Such a great one. It’s my personal preference because it has meant so many different things to me at different times as the years have gone by.

  34. Panic in Detroit, if I had to choose just one

  35. Quicksand….

  36. Greg Doran

    While there are many great songs in Bowie’s catalog, “Heroes” is the champ. One need only listen to the myriad of covers to realize the song’s strength. It defies bad covers and rewards good ones (See TV on the Radio’s version). As well, one need only look at the quality of the songs that Bowie gave to others to see his incomparable skill as a songwriter. “All the Young Dudes” defies time.

  37. Lew Breeze

    Favorite Album: Scary Monsters and Super Creeps.
    Favorite Bowie “look”: The Thin White Duke.

    Good luck!

  38. I heart DB! “Across the Universe”

  39. Alan Hawker

    As a Bowie fan of nearly 30 years, I find it impossible to name a favourite song, but his greatest album will always be the first one I heard, Hunky Dory.

  40. So many classics to choose from – The Man Who Sold the World, Changes, Fashion, Modern Love (always makes me smile:) ),etc. etc. etc.

  41. Sweet Thing/Candidate

  42. Care Morency

    The cover is awesome!

  43. “Strangers When We Meet” has always struck a chord with me. I can’t pick one favorite, but it’s the first one I thought of.

  44. I’ve been listening to “Conversation Piece” a lot today, woke up with it in my head this morning.

  45. Ashes to Ashes

  46. Michael Felix

    Station to Station

  47. Lisa Zeigel

    My fave Bowie song, if I have to pick, is TVC15 as performed on SNL with Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias as backup singers and starring the robotic pink poodle with a t.v. screen is its mouth. Probably the best musical performance ever on television!

  48. Mark Elliott

    THis looks like a MUST read… been waiting for a definitive Bowie book for a long time. Dozens and dozens of faves but I always adore “FIVE YEARS”

  49. Jennifer Woltemade

    I would lovelovelove to win this book…though I think it’d be more fun to list our fave haircut of Bowie’s rather than song…gotta be Suffragette City for me! (P.S. My #1 Bowie ‘do? Thin White Duke all the way:

  50. Amy Besunder

    Young Americans

  51. Wow, so many to choose from…my pick would be the U.S. version of Rebel Rebel.

  52. Hard to pick just one, so here’s two!

    Ashes to Ashes
    Absolute Beginners

  53. Can not mention one song. But ‘Honky Dory’ is the my favourite album :-)

  54. Larry Pareigis

    Ironically my favorite Bowie song is the title of the book: STARMAN. Who can forget that BBC performance in the early 70s that launched a thousand bands and hairdos?

  55. Chris Striegel

    “Ashes to Ashes”!!!!

  56. We can be Heroes, just for one day!

  57. TVC15, because it is such a playful & surreal song … ans those are Bowie’s best qualities!

  58. I’d love to win this book. Favorite song: Station to Station. It never fails to get the adrenaline pumping (I’m thinking that it must be love).

  59. It’s impossible to choose! Today, though, it’s “Life on Mars”…

  60. Impossible to pick one, but I’ve always loved “Young Americans”.

  61. Jim McCabe

    Fave toon is Heroes

  62. I’m under Japanese influence and my honor’s at stake.

  63. Justin Frick

    Best Bowie song??? Has to be “sweet thing” from Diamond Dogs!!!!

  64. Peter Kovacs

    Uh, I Can’t Read (Tin Machine). Someone wrote this for me because, surprise, writing is also difficult.

  65. i love all bowie equally

    but my go to is always ‘queen bitch’

  66. Sarah Nichols

    I’ll give you television
    I’ll give you eyes of blue,
    I’ll give you Man of Wars to rule the world.

    “China Girl.”

  67. The Bewlay Brothers

  68. Under Pressure

  69. Life on Mars?

  70. jazzmaster


  71. Little, Brown is aces on rock biogs right now. The Bob Mould autobiography was great.

    My all-time fave Bowie song is, for sure, his “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” duet with Bing Crosby. Classic. But “Heroes” is a close second.

  72. right this second I would have to say “starman”…

  73. Kristy Grant

    I love ‘Ashes to Ashes’ it would have to be my all-time fav. ‘Slow Burn’ is another. His voice is so beautiful especially the high note at the end of the song. But then there is ‘Lets Dance’….

  74. Almost impossible to name just one…but I’ll go with “Ashes To Ashes”.

  75. Easy: Andy Warhol – perfect in every way… cheers, Frank

  76. Rebel Rebel is in my soul.

  77. STARMAN!

  78. Rooster_Ties

    Stay (off Station to Station, 1976)

  79. Don Reynolds

    Five Years and I’m Afraid of Americans are two that instantly come to mind!

  80. Young Americans of course!

  81. the sagittarius in me loves space oddity.. as a whole album never let me down is my pic..

  82. Like the dolphins. Like dolphins can swim…

  83. Five Years from Ziggy or Heroes.

  84. I’m not sure if it’s my all time favorite, but the one that initially immediately came to mind was “thursday’s child” off of the Hours cd… very good cd – don’t know why it didn’t do better…

  85. Beauty and the Beast
    Strangers when we meet
    Scary monsters
    up the hill backwards
    jump they say
    Station to station

    one of those…..


  86. Michael Neely

    Wow, I have to pick just one?

    “Heroes” off, of course, Heroes.

  87. Way back in the mid 70s, I was an impressionable little kid of about 10. For Christmas, my uncle had gifted CHANGESONEBOWIE to me and I listened to it constantly. The first track on side one, Space Oddity, was the song that captured my imagination the most and is still my very favorite. I wanted to be Major Tom and I still do.

  88. Heroes, definitely Heroes.

  89. You know what? Because I have the time, I’ll give you my favourite Bowie songs from each of his albums I own. That sorta ‘write you a long letter because I didn’t have the time to write a short one’ mindset, ya know? Here ya go (in chronological order, no less):
    Space Oddity—Janine
    The Man Who Sold The World—After All
    Hunky Dory—Andy Warhol
    The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars—Rock’n’roll Suicide
    Aladdin Sane—Lady Grinning Soul
    Diamond Dogs—Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)
    Young Americans—Fascination
    Station To Station—Wild Is The Wind
    Low—What In The World
    “Heroes”—The Secret Life of Arabia
    Scary Monsters—Because You’re Young
    Let’s Dance—Criminal World
    Outside—Strangers When We Meet
    Earthling—I’m Afraid Of Americans
    ‘hours…’—The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
    Earthling—Slow Burn
    Reality—New Killer Star

  90. Katharine Boyle

    “Young Americans” for my middle aged American self and my British husband who adores Bowie! :>)

  91. Dave Peterson

    Yeah, I know his 80’s pop period gets downed a lot, but I still love “Time Will Crawl”.

  92. Favorite “recent” tune is his version of Pablo Piscasso…let’s have a new album!

  93. Ziggy Stardust

  94. Queen Bitch

  95. Can’t pick just one…
    Sound and Vision
    Oh you Pretty Things
    Station to Station
    Moonage Daydream and every other song on Ziggy
    Curious if the book really does him justice…

  96. Jason Davidson

    I Have Not Been to Oxford Town off of Outside

  97. Foxglove Zayuri

    “I Have Not Been To Oxford Town” from the album Outside, and it’s cover, “I Have Not Been To Paradise”, from Starship Troopers: I have and always will adore these songs more than I can say.

  98. Pether Lardek

    Favorite songs must me Helden (German version of Heroes) and Be my wife. Timeless artist in every way.

  99. Hmm.. between “The Bewlay Bros.”, “Station to Station” and “Five Years”

  100. St. Alphonso

    “Stay” that’s what I meant to say or do something!!

  101. Ray Judson

    Gotta say my fave track is probably “Look Back in Anger”!

  102. You remind me of the babe, the babe with the power, the power of voodoo.

  103. Quicksand / Life on Mars / Ziggy Stardust / Sound and Vision

  104. Michael Toland

    Hard to pick a fave Bowie tune – it changes all the time. But I’ll go with “Panic in Detroit.”

  105. It’s always changing…but lately “Breaking Glass” and “Queen Bitch”

  106. Arianna Balderas

    oh my god how can one pick a favorite Bowie song when they are all so amazing…i cant pick one but its among Ziggy Stardust, Life on Mars? I’m Afraid of Americans, As the World Falls Down, and Cool World

  107. My favorite track right now is probably “Lady Stardust” or “Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me”, but I’ll say something different tomorrow, hence why I can’t and didn’t even pick one favorite song.

    I agree with Megan, you can’t really pick one all-time one so choosing one off each album is a better approach and method! Favorite album? I don’t know but I definitely love Hunky Dory a lot, so.. But then again, I love Aladdin Sane a lot and that breakdown in “Time” where Ronno goes crazy on the guitar, and “The Prettiest Star” of course, and the haunting title track and all of its whacked out glory too.

  108. the live version of “Station to Station” from STAGE.

  109. teenage wildlife

  110. Chester Wallaboo

    Life on Mars?

  111. Hard to pick just one song, but one album I can do – and that would be the album OUTSIDE.

  112. john oyler

    I bet it will be a good read.
    a couple of my favorite songs are: Life on Mars, DJ, Scary Monsters, Blue Jean.
    Most all :)

  113. I can’t pick a favorite album or song.

  114. Today? Watch That Man. Tomorrow? Who knows. “Everyone Says Hi” is a more recent favorite…

  115. TVC15

    and This is Not America.

  116. “Dancing With The Big Boys”

  117. Teenage Wildlife and Ashes to Ashes are two of my favorite songs, but it’s really too hard to try and narrow it down to one favorite. :-)


  118. Well..ill pick 2….HEROES and THIS IS NOT AMERICA ( the live version on the BEEB bonus disc!)

  119. Dolores Tinari

    Fav song: Breaking Glass (live version from Stage)

  120. …He was the first naked man I ever saw when he was in the movie “The Man Who fell to Earth”…I remember him singing with Bing Crosby…My ring tone is “Rebel Rebel”…I would love to have tea with him! Tell ya the truth, my brain can’t cough up which song it likes best – wait – okay – it’s Space Oddity.

    Be consider me for the Bowie book – thank you! ~b

  121. robbie earl

    too much to choose from bowie is the master only god comes a close second to him, if it wasn’t for bowie we wouldn’t have had punk, new romantics we wouldn’t have anything, but a bowie song that makes the hair on my neck stand up is moonage daydream live.

  122. “Win” from Young Americans album.

  123. Debbie Costello

    I have been madly in love (no really)with David since I was 14…..I’m 54. My favorite song is Suffragette City and actually anything he’s ever done!

  124. David Bowie is (in my humble opinion)is the greatest musician to grace planet earth.

    Every David Bowie song is my favorite.But if I had to pick one it would be ‘Life on Mars?’.

  125. Heroes- sung in German from the Christiane F ST.

    I’m not too happy with anything he’s done since Let’s Dance (and the infamous Bowie/Iggy brain-swap for Tonight/Blah Blah Blah), but damn it…he’s a super-villain on The Venture Bros. show!

  126. Robert McCloskey

    I’ll pick the song that really turned me on to Bowie – “Right” it was the original B-side on the 45 of “Fame” Probably the first time I liked the B-side as much as the hit single.

  127. Tamara Walski

    Bowie is God. Notice the capitol G.

    Life on Mars is the best song ever. :)

  128. Sean Horn

    Definitely “Life on Mars”. Nothing before, or after, has ever sounded like that. Mind blowing!

  129. How about “Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)” with a rapping Mickey Rourke?! Just kidding, though it is a guilty pleasure. :) It has to be “‘Heroes'” with “Life on Mars?” a very close second. Other favorites–though not his greatest songs–to round out a top 5 would be “Stay,” “Always Crashing in the Same Car,” and “Loving the Alien” (live from “A Reality Tour”). But these might all change by the end of the day! So much amazing music from my musical hero, hands down!

  130. scott jewell

    i have been a Bowie fan all my life – this would be awesome

  131. Ashes to Ashes – so fun to sing on karaoke night too!

  132. Heroes or Young Americans are my favorites

  133. Space Oddity. It’s timeless.

  134. This book sounds fantastic, but it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite David Bowie song. Lately, though, I’ve been listening to the original version of “Conversation Piece” a lot!

  135. Megan Christopher

    Easy! It’s Sorrow, on the Album “Pin ups”. A cover of The Merseys.

  136. Megan Christopher

    I also love Look Back in Anger. Hallo Spaceboy is rad, too.

  137. “Quicksand”

  138. Rock & Roll Suicide

  139. I have to confess that I want to win this to give to a friend who is the biggest Bowie fan I know. My fave song? Hard to pick from over 5 decades of music! I always liked Heroes, and china Girl. And I probably watched Absolute Beginners 100 times :)

  140. Robert Airoldi

    It would be hard to pick out one song that would be a favorite from an artist that has such a long and fruitful career. The era with Mick Ronson and the later albums with Reeves are some of the best. The Tin Machine albums were incredible too bad that didn’t last.

  141. Tough call. I’m going to say Suffragette City or Rock N Roll Suicide.

    His cover of Cactus is also a fav.

  142. Oh you pretty things, pick me!

  143. Stacy Mallardi

    Probably Panic in Detroit. But as so many have pointed out, it kind of depends on the day.

  144. caroline h


  145. I am ready to read :-)

  146. James Byron Wood

    I always get a kick out of “Ashes to Ashes” because of the lyrical callbacks to “Space Oddity.”

  147. Paul Santa Cruz

    Space Oddity. I also loved him in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’.

  148. Rebel Rebel

  149. Contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering.

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