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Free MP3: The Wild Swans, ‘In Secret’ — ex-Teardrop Explodes, Echo & The Bunnymen

Next week, Liverpool’s The Wild Swans — lead by former Teardrop Explodes keyboardist Paul Simpson — will release their first album in 21 years and only their third overall, a 13-track collection called The Coldest Winter For a Hundred Years that features veterans of Echo & The Bunnymen, Spiritualized and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The album, out Monday in the U.K. and Tuesday in the U.S., finds Simpson joined by a new lineup of the postpunk act he formed in 1980; he’s joined by Les Pattinson, formerly of the Bunnymen; Ricky Maymi of Brian Jonestown Massacre; and Mike Mooney, ex-Spiritualized. The album also features a guest turn form Pattinson’s former bandmate, Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant.

The Wild Swans are perhaps best remembered for their debut single “The Revolutionary Spirit,” released in 1982. After splitting up in the mid-80s, Simpson would revive the band with a new lineup and put out albums in 1988 and 1990 before breaking up again.

You can get a taste of Simpson’s comeback with this free download Coldest Winter’s “In Secret.”


The Wild Swans, ‘In Secret’ by Slicing Up Eyeballs

Tracklist: The Wild Swans, The Coldest Winter For a Hundred Years

1. “Falling To Bits”
2. “Liquid Mercury”
3. “Chloroform”
4. “In Secret”
5. “English Electric Lightning”
6. “When Time Stood Still”
7. “Underwater”
8. “Intravenous”
9. “Glow In The Dark”
10. “My Town”
11. “Lost At Sea”
12. “The Bluebell Wood”
13. “Outro”




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  2. the Philippines await them…

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