Auto Reverse, Mixtape — August 1, 2011 at 7:35 am

Download: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (August 2011)

Another month, another mixtape: Since July’s inaugural installment of the Auto Reverse mixtape went over so well, we’re more than happy to keep this thing going with our second stab at a monthly mix. Below, you can stream or download two 45-minute sides, crammed with tunes new and old from ’80s college-rock faves, plus a few cool covers.

This month’s tape features recent tracks from Paul Weller and Gang of Four, and classic cuts from The Clash, Camouflage and Simple Minds, plus British Sea Power covering The Cure, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs remaking Sonic Youth and The Shop Assistants doing The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Check it about below — and enjoy.


Auto Reverse: Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (August 2011) by Slicing Up Eyeballs


Tracklist: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (August 2011)

1. The Clash, “Police On My Back”
2. Midnight Oil, “The Best of Both Worlds”
3. Dinosaur Jr, “Goin Home”
4. Paul Weller, “Starlite”
5. Jane’s Addiction, “Summertime Rolls”
6. Camouflage, “The Great Commandment”
7. Electronic, “Disappointed” (Single Mix)
8. Erasure, “Sometimes”
9. British Sea Power, “A Forest” (The Cure)
10. The House of Love, “Shine On” (Live at the BBC)
11. Kate Bush, “Running Up That Hill”

1, David Bowie, “Bring Me the Disco King”
2. Ministry, “So What” (Edit)
3. Gang of Four, “Never Pay for the Farm”
4. The Pretenders, “Back on the Chain Gang”
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Diamond Sea” (Sonic Youth)
6. Simple Minds, “Waterfront”
7. Shop Assistants, “Trip You Up” (The Jesus and Mary Chain)
8. Magazine, “A Song From Under the Floorboards”
9. The Fall, “Rollin’ Dany”
10. Morrissey, “Disappointed”
11. INXS, “Don’t Change”






  1. Thank you very much!!! The previous tape was awesome.
    Keep the good work up!

  2. La La La Love you! I loved the first one and this looks even better!

  3. Great idea – thanks man

  4. siked about this. dload seems to be missing for me though. anyone else?

  5. I love Slicing up eyeballs mixtapes. Keep on doing it this way.

  6. Paul Santa Cruz

    Any mixtape with ‘Summertime Rolls’ was obviously made by me for KS back in 1990. Thanks for finding it for me.

  7. Dougie Wells

    Where’s the link so I can actually download the mixtapes?

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