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Video: Watch the return of ‘120 Minutes’

Saturday night, following an eight-year absence, MTV’s iconic alternative-music show “120 Minutes” returned with a new format and a familiar face: late-’90s host Matt Pinfield. The show now airs monthly on the largely music-free network’s sister channel MTV2, and features more interviews and fewer videos than the original incarnation.

If you didn’t catch the premiere — which featured interviews with Dave Grohl and PJ Harvey, among others, and videos by The Joy Formidable, Sleigh Bells and Das Racist — you can watch Pinfield’s intro above (“I’m so proud to say these words again: I’m Matt Pinfield, and welcome to MTV2’s ‘120 Minutes'”), and you can see the whole episode on MTV’s Hive site.

While the debut episode does acknowledge the history of “120 Minutes” — if you watch the intro posted above closely, you can even catch a glimpse of show creator/host Dave Kendall in a shot from the 2003 finale — it frames the show more as a ’90s presence, including “vintage” videos from the likes of Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Foo Fighters.

If you’ve seen the premiere, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

WATCH: MTV2’s 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield, Episode 1






  1. Chuck Smith

    Excited to see the return of 120 Minutes… Not enough videos — in the first 30 minutes they only showed three music videos, but still great to see the show back

  2. jazzmaster

    Now if they would only do this the proper way and bring back Dave Kendall to host!!! What’s next? I.R.S. Records Presents The Cutting Edge hosted by Jesse Camp??????

  3. Haven’t watched it yet, but that’s weak that they focus on the 90’s more rockish stuff. As much as I like Pearl Jam, Radiohead and the Foos, I used to watch 120 minutes for DM, Nitzer Ebb, The Cure, etc.

  4. 120 minutes is a very nice memory. This reboot is just not going to do it. At least for me. Every Sunday from 1986 to around 1992 was spent watching 120 or taping it. Nice times.

  5. reminds me of the new camaros and challengers…just not the same to me either. should be cool for the new gen though.

  6. I’m not crazy about the ’90s stuff either, but I’ll give ’em credit for learnin’ me about the Joy Formidable. That’s a good song.

  7. doesnt matter

    This sucks. They cancelled the 80’s orientated version they had on VH1 Classic for a 90’s grunge version. WTF.

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