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Stream: Gary Numan, ‘Dead Sun Rising’ — off forthcoming ‘Dead Son Rising’ album

Today we get another glimpse of synth pioneer Gary Numan’s upcoming album Dead Son Rising thanks to The Quietus, which posted the track “Dead Sun Rising” — and yes, that’s not a typo. As Numan tells the website, “I do appreciate that it’s a little bit confusing — I’m waiting for all the e-mails to come in saying ‘there’s a misprint on the album.'”

Numan also revealed the tracklist this week for the album, which is available in several formats, including a super-deluxe edition (see tracklist below) that comes with the 11-song album on CD and vinyl, plus a DVD with videos, interviews and behind the scenes footage, and a 12-inch with remixes of first single “The Fall” (which you can download here).

Dead Son Rising is due out Sept. 12.


Gary Numan, ‘Dead Sun Rising’ by theQuietus


Tracklist: Gary Numan, Dead Son Rising: Super Deluxe Edition

1. “Resurrection”
2. “Big Noise Transmission”
3. “Dead Sun Rising”
4. “When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come”
5. “For The Rest Of My Life”
6. “Not The Love We Dream Of”
7. “The Fall”
8. “We Are The Lost”
9. “For The Rest Of My Life (Reprise)”
10. “Into Battle”
11. “Not The Love We Dream Of (Piano Version)”

1. “The Fall” Promo Video
2. Behind The Scenes Footage and Interview
3. Exclusive Dead Son Rising interview
4. Slideshow
5. Gallery

12″ Vinyl Remixes
1. “The Fall” (Motor Alternative Mix)
2. “The Fall” (South Central Bad Trip Mix)
3. “The Fall” (Motor Club Mix)






  1. Well this is exciting. It’s great to see so many new wave artists making new records recently.

  2. Awesomeness!

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