Tour Dates — August 19, 2011 at 6:57 am

Morrissey to play 10 U.S. shows this fall

Morrissey is set to follow up this summer’s headline-grabbing European tour with 10 U.S. dates in November, a trek that will be announced Monday — and will mark the former Smiths singer’s first American concerts since a pair of cancellation-prone visits in 2009.

A statement issued today to fan site and semi-official news outlet True To You reads, “Ten U.S. dates for Morrissey will be announced this coming Monday. All dates will take place in November. Morrissey is now represented in the U.S. by William Morris Agency.” No further information on the tour is offered by the site, or appears on Moz’s actual website.

Morrissey has spent much of the summer on tour in the U.K. and Europe, and although he is not currently on a record label, he has finished his next album and has debuted a number of new songs both on the BBC and in concert. He’s also generated an unusual amount of press over meat-related issues, a dog attack and his statements about the Norway massacre in July.

In 2009, Morrissey played the U.S. on two separate legs of his tour, but ended up canceling seven shows — and at least 20 overall that year — due to what he would later disclose to be the flu. 

UPDATE 8/25/11: Four days after Morrissey’s U.S. tour was supposed to have been announced, an update finally has been posted to True To You. It reads: “The William Morris Agency are due to announce the full itinerary of Morrissey’s November-December concerts for both the US and Mexico. Morrissey has been attending the Wellington Hospital in London for treatment for his right index finger, which remains broken. Morrissey was bitten by a dog in June.”







  1. after driving 250 miles (one way) to one of those cancelled shows in 2009, I would be very hesitant to buy tickets for any show for morrissey at a great distance… (the atlanta show I had tickets for wasn’t cancelled until late in the afternoon the day of the show – just hours before show time)

  2. Dude had the flu (and you can never prove otherwise). Give him a break.

  3. he always has the flu or gets all pissy about something. i’ve attempted to see him 3 times since 1990 and he’s cancelled each show. forget it. i give up.

  4. luckily Moz hadn’t cancelled any of the US shows I’ve had tickets for, but sadly there’s always that chance these days. I understand people’s hesitance. My fingers are crossed that this tour has numerous stops, rather than numerous dates at the same venue.

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