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Linkage: Big Audio Dynamite, ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ Exene Cervenka, Martha Davis

A collection of some interesting links we stumbled across recently:

Big Audio Dynamite: An encore to the reunion? The Los Angeles Times’s music blog checks in with Mick Jones about the future of BAD, discussing the band’s new song “Rob Peter Pay Paul” and its thematic similarities to “The Bottom Line.” As for a new album, Jones says, “There could be a record, but there might not.” [Pop & Hiss]

‘Urgh! A Music War’ Celebrates 30th Anniversary The insightful ska blog weighs in on the  influential soundtrack to the classic film, which actually preceded the movie’s 1982 release. While the film and soundtrack are often thought of in punk and New Wave terms, this post highlights the inclusion of early-’80s U.K. reggae, with video clips included. [Marco on the Bass]

Interview: Exene Cervenka The X singer talks about her band’s upcoming tour during which it will once again perform 1980’s Los Angeles each night, and also her thoughts on being a punk icon and what the future may hold. [Fucking Nostalgic]

The Motels’ Martha Davis on lost album Apocalypso The singer explains how the band’s intended third album was shelved over record company concerns and now, only 30 years later, has finally been released. She also tells of how the belated release came to be, and tells the story of the album’s cover photo. [The Golden Age of Music Video]




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  1. My friend had cable TV and a betamax. I had 8 local channels (10 if you included the two spanish-speaking ones). Thankfully, we also had a betamax. During the summer of ’82 I must have watched URGH! a dozen times.
    Standouts for me include:
    Oingo Boingo’s Aint This The Life
    Wall of Voodoo’s Back In Flesh
    Echo & the Bunnymen’s The Cutter
    Fleshtones’ Shadow Line
    But, for sheer 80’s over-the-top weirdness, Skafish’s Sign of the Cross and The Cramps’ Tear It Up, steal the show.

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