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Skinny Puppy’s ‘Handover’ due in October

Electro-industrial icons Skinny Puppy this weekend announced the release this fall of the long-delayed Handover, the group’s 11th studio album and first in more than four years. The 11-track record, which originally was expected two years ago, is set for release Oct. 25 in the U.S. and Oct. 28 in Europe, according to the band’s website.

Still centered around Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key, Skinny Puppy had planned to release the album around its extensive fall 2009 tour of North America, but solvency issues with the band’s label prevented that. Rumored release dates came and went in the intervening years, until the band on Sunday finally announced the project will see the light of day this fall.

Hear samples of Handover’s tracks on the website of German label SPV.


Tracklist: Skinny Puppy, Handover

1, “Ovirt”
2. “Cullorblind”
3. “Wavy”
4. “Ashas”
5. “Gambatte”
6. “Icktums”
7. “Point”
8. “Brownstone”
9. “Vyrisus”
10. “Village”
11. “Noisex”






  1. Nice to see they’re using SRG for design again…

  2. got a TDK type IV MA100 blank cassette set aside shrink wrapped all ready to load into the JVCdeck to make a copy of it for the walkman and then some. take the goD for a walk on vancouver island, bc, canada.

  3. cool cannot wait to see them again. i saw them at the warfield in sf back around 1990. the show was awsome

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