Video — August 30, 2011 at 6:55 am

Video: Jane’s Addiction, ‘Irresistible Force’

Jane’s Addiction this morning premiered the second video for a track off their upcoming album The Great Escape Artist: “Irresistible Force,” which, while featuring some scantily clad ladies, isn’t quite as NSFW as the “End to the Lies” clip, which you can see here. The album is produced by Rich Costey and features writing, programming and bass playing from TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. It’s now due Oct. 4 on Capitol Records.







  1. Johnny Eyeballs

    Shows you how much of an influence Eric Avery had when he was in the band- mind you, their last true hit was *twenty* years ago with Ritual de lo Habitual.

    What they’ve turned into since is a radio-friendly pop band- and not a particularly good one at that, thanks to Navarro’s poor skills. This song is the exact definition of a snooze fest.

  2. wow… this is terrible watered down crap.

  3. This almost comes across like a joke. It isn’t funny

  4. It’s nothing compared to good old JA. But it’s not as THAT bad.

  5. sounds like something off of Porn for Pyros Tahitian Moon

  6. big Janes fan 80’s. Glad to see new stuff, know its been in the works.
    Songs different..first listen/ 2thumbs up. cool video kinda tripeee
    the girls in the beginning is a good pull-in from the past.
    great job and good luck on tour
    come to the East Coast

  7. Second listen-like it
    will buy it
    I heard another new song by JA and liked it too…;

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