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Stream: INXS, ‘Tiny Summer’ — new demo

Following last year’s release of a disc of re-recorded greatest hits, the surviving members of INXS have been promising fans new music — and today they deliver on that pledge, offering the first taste of what’s to come in the form of a gentle, acoustic Andrew Farriss home-studio demo called “Tiny Summer.”

In a letter to posted to the band’s site, Farriss writes that fans have been asking for new music, but, for him, “Songwriting is not about timing or acting on someone else’s demands. It’s about inspired work and instictively knowing when magic happens.” He explains:

“Without a doubt, amazing song magic happened when Michael and I were a creating writing team. Recently at a party, I met a fellow songwriter by accident, an Irish bloke, and we sat around playing songs on acoustic guitars. Despite his funny accent, we then spent a few days songwriting and singing together… song magic was in the room again.”

Farriss doesn’t name his new songwriting partner — although the vocal on the track bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain “Irish bloke” named Bono — but he offers up what apparently is one of the results of that encounter, “Tiny Summer,” which he describes as “a demo made in my lounge room, not a professional studio; however that may follow soon.”

STREAM: INXS, “Tiny Summer” (demo)






  1. Okay okay, I admit it….I liked it! Mellow to a fault, but very nice. Also, I think Bono is Irish. Just sayin’.

  2. Keep making music, fine. But stop calling yourselves INXS. That train has left the station.

  3. Hmmm, what was Bono doing on that Austrailian leg of U2360….

  4. I agree, it sounds Bono/Edgesque. Could also be anyone from Andy White (Singer from Northern Ireland who has played with everyone from Sinead O’Connor to Peter Gabriel and now lives in Melbourne) or even Liam Ó Maonlai from Hothouse Flowers who spends a bit time in Australia.
    I would love to know who is singing it. Part Andrew and obviously the other songwriter. Is it Fortune? Baritone is deep like Fortune’s but better. Has he given up the smokes?
    Would I buy it? No. Would I listen to it a couple more times? Yep.

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