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Video: Watch encore set from R.E.M.’s final concert — Mexico City, Nov. 18, 2008

Three days after R.E.M.’s world tour in support of its 14th album, Acceleratewrapped in Mexico City, the band posted this six-song, 39-minute encore set from that final concert on Nov. 18, 2008 — an appearance that Michael Stipe told fans would be “our last show for a long time,” but now stands as the group’s final performance.

This video was brought to our attention tonight by Matthew Perpetua, author of the essential R.E.M. song-by-song examination Pop Songs 07-08. As he wrote today in posting this performance, “R.E.M. were one of the very best bands in the history of rock music.”


Setlist: R.E.M. encore set, Mexico City, 11/18/08

1. “Supernatural Superserious”
2. “Losing My Religion”
3, “I Believe”
4. “Country Feedback”
5. “Life And How To Live It”
6. “Man On The Moon”






  1. horrible footage! made my head hurt.

  2. So of course this is completely personal, but man, they have to do a reunion tour, just so Man on the Moon isn’t the last song they ever played.

  3. Actually surprised they are not doing at least a few ‘farewell’ shows. A-ha did a full farewell tour last year. REM should play a few of the major US cities, and Euro cities before they end it. They must truly be done, because I’m sure the offers would be significant money-wise to wrap this up with a farewell tour.

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