Album News — September 22, 2011 at 7:48 am

Public Image Ltd. finishes recording new studio album to be released in 2012

John Lydon’s reconstituted Public Image Ltd. has completed recording a new album at Steve Winwood’s studio in Cotswolds, England — the band’s first since 1992’s That What Is Not — and will release it next year, the group announced on its website this week.

PiL has not revealed a title or tracklist for the record, which comes after Lydon reformed the band in late 2009. Since then, Public Image Ltd. has toured the world — most recently playing festivals this past summer in Europe and Japan — and Lydon has said in interview that he planned to use tour revenues to self-finance recording of a new PiL album outside of the record-label system.

Above, you can see Lydon baring his belly in a photo taken in July during PiL’s sessions and posted to the band’s website. The current issues of the NME and Clash Magazine apparently have studio previews of the new PiL record, but neither of those articles appear to be online.






  1. Oh. My. God. What a disgusting picture. So proud of that giant gut.

  2. It ain’t PiL without Wobble or Levene…Lydon could just as well call them The New Sex Pistols…

  3. Not true, Tyler. I love the Wobble/Levene era but it wasn’t the only true PIL. Was the line-up with John McGeoch any less PIL? Have you heard any of the reunion shows? This definitely is still PIL! Looking forward to the album…

    • Yes, I heard the renuion show. Wow, was it embarassing. Never seen a walkout like that at Terminal 5 before. Dedicated longtime fans were leaving. Johnny was pissed!

  4. Caught these guys in Detroit last year. Believe me, this line up is fantastic and has great chemistry together. They blew the doors off the Crowfoot Ballroom.

  5. Totally agree with Frank. I saw them in Israel and Johnny’s still got it!

  6. Great news! When is he due-I mean, when is the album due?

  7. Tyler is a real genius. PIL had Wobble and Levine for a very short time of their history and they mad some great albums without them.

  8. Looks like someone got some complimentary butter out the commercial deal.

  9. What a strange week! R.E.M. announce they broke-up, and then PiL announced they have a new record complete! I never thought R.E.M. would break-up and I never thought PiL would ever reunite or record a new record!

    Come to Chicago, Pil…please !!

  10. And the “ain’t Pil without Levene/Wobble” comment is BS. Anyone who saw the reunited PiL knows they kick butt.
    Also, Album is incredible and the last time I checked, Levene and Wobble don’t play on them.

  11. I deeply miss John McGeoch…
    “Happy?” was the best album and best formation of PIL for my ears.
    Hope the new album catch that magic times

  12. Ugh. So sexy, John! ;)

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