Album News — September 26, 2011 at 7:30 am

Jim Reid on a new Jesus and Mary Chain album: ‘It might happen, it might not’

The long-discussed new album from The Jesus and Mary Chain has “never really come together” Jim Reid says in a new interview, in which he concludes “it might happen, it might not” and attributes the lack of progress to the fact that he and his brother William simply have “different ideas of how to record this album.”

Speaking to Drowned in Sound about the Mary Chain’s reissue series, Reid acknowledges that he and his brother — who reunited for concerts in 2007 and 2008, then started talking about a new album — “probably will work together again at some point.” Of their famously fractious relationship, he says, “We kind of get on, but we don’t speak that often.”

Yet Reid — who posted a new song online last week — says the material likely is there:

“William is a lot more prolific than me when it comes to songwriting. I know he’s got tons of songs. He’s actually recorded a solo album but he just keeps tweaking it. I don’t know if that will ever see the light of day but it’s done, he’s finished recording it. Maybe he should just stop mucking about with it and actually release it now? I’ve got a few songs lying around. I mean, between us, we’ve definitely got enough songs to do a Mary Chain double album if we wanted to, but it’s just agreeing on how to record it.”

For much more on JAMC’s new reissues, read Drowned in Sound’s full interview.





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