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Robert Smith to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: ‘Jason Cooper is The Cure’s drummer… bah!’

If Robert Smith’s happy about The Cure’s nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he’s not showing it — instead, he’s taken to his website to slam the organization for not mentioning the band’s current drummer in its bio of the group, writing, “Jason Cooper is The Cure’s drummer — and it sickens me that he doesn’t get a name check… bah!”

As Chain of Flowers points out, Smith posted the comment — in trademark all-caps — in the comment thread following The Cure’s announcement Tuesday that the band will reprise its “Reflections” concerts, performing 1979’s Three Imaginary Boys, 1980’s Seventeen Seconds and 1981’s Faith  in London, New York and Los Angeles this November.

Specifically, he’s taken issue with the rock hall’s bio, which, while mentioning two keyboardists (Lol Tolhurst and Roger O’Donnell), only mentions drummer Boris Williams, who played with the band from 1984 to 1993, despite the fact that Cooper now has drummed with the band for 17 years.

Smith’s full comment:


Smith also dropped another bit of news in the comments, writing that the planned DVD of the “Reflections” concerts at the Sydney Opera House earlier this year “is ongoing,” but that, “I suspect Live in Paris 2008 may beat it out,” apparently a reference to a film of The Cure’s March 12, 2008, concert at the Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy.






  1. Yes, he has been the drummer since Wild Mood Swings, but the only record that he sounds acceptable on is Bloodflowers. Sorry Robert, but Cooper’s drumming is sub-par. He did, however, have enormous shoes to fill.

  2. still think Boris is better….

  3. I lost interest in the Cure around the same time as Boris left – coincidence…? Boris is an epic drummer. I’m by no standard a drum connoisseur but to me his patterns were always pretty amazing!

  4. Agreed… Boris was the best. And, frankly, The Cure hasn’t made a decent album since “Wish,” when Boris last appeared. Sadly, Robert Smith also has not evolved since then lyrically, musically or stylistically (both music and fashion). They WERE a great bad. “Faith,” “Pornography” and “Disintegration” are amazing enough to get them into the HOF.

  5. Yeah, Cooper does this signature hip hop drumming thing and when he does it on older songs, it makes me cringe.

    The band from 1985-1992 was amazing in so many ways.

    Now, they have an ill suited drummer and the worst fucking nu-metal guitars (Schecters) in the world. It is sad.

    • I agree with you, Andrew. That hip hop drumming -that it’s his signature sound- ruins all the classics! Jason plays the same fills over and over again in 90% of the songs and his drum patterns are so dull!
      Boris Williams is the best drummer The Cure will ever have. Period.

  6. Please. Get over yourself. How many damn line-up changes has this band been through. Who the heck knows who is the current member with their revolving door? He should be thrilled such a washed up band is even being considered.

  7. Boris was the best drummer, no doubt there. And I agree Qwez, the only acceptable Cure album since Wish was Bloodflowers, and that’s stretching it. Wild Mood Swings was awful. ‘The Cure’ had its moments, but wasn’t great. 4:13 dream was terrible with a few exceptions.

    IMO The Cure in the 17 years Jason has been the drummer have only put out a handful of decent tunes.

    Their albums from 3IM to Wish were perfection. And Let’s not forget Andy Anderson who drummed on The Top!

    Jason Cooper has always been a hired gun imo, and if Boris wanted to come back he would be shelved by Smithy, like Perry & Roger were shelved when Porl came back.

    I think it’s great they are playing ‘Reflections’ in the USA. However, it would impress me more if they could actually put out a ‘good’ album.

  8. I agree that Wish was their last best album, though i FINALLY just got Bloodflowers in the last year and it’s not bad at all. Having said that, they still put on a helluva live show, and I really hope I’m able to get tickets and go to one of the LA shows!

  9. Boris is gone. Get over it.

  10. While Robert does need to realize that most people beyond hardcore Cure fans do not pay attention to their ever revolving line-up (my brother got me into the Cure, and I’m sure HE doesn’t even know who the hell is in the band these days)… I do not agree with Wish being their last best record…I actually think 4:13 Dream has some redeeming qualities, hell, I even like a few songs from the self-titled The Cure…and I also think Bloodflowers is a bit over-rated now!

    Just please bring ‘Reflections’ to Chicago, Robert…please!! I

  11. Maybe because Cooper has been much-maligned, and the Cure’s artistically relevant period ended about when he joined the band (coincidentally). Kept waiting for Smith to dump the sad-boy routine and the birds nest hair and makeup, but he never did…

  12. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is a joke. I wish artists wouldn’t encourage the circle jerk.

  13. Those were the best and most realistic comments I’ve read on The Cure over the past years. I agree with all of you concerning Jason Cooper, who I can’t understand why Robert cares so much about. He’s not a creative drummer in any aspect and he ruins the pace on songs such as A Forest. This song live these days has been a source of disappointment to me and I skip it whenever it plays on my ipod.
    And it truly hurts me to admit all that, since I’m a big fan.

    Also, this Reflections mini-tour is ridiculous. They always play in the same places (Paris, London, EUA). What about the fucking rest of the world? People in South America are still obsessed with them as in the 80s. They’d sell out their tickets in seconds here, but no. He’s to lazy to travel up here. I cannot even imagine the amount of money they made to play in Sydney.

  14. As usual, I gotta give mad love for Boris Williams and am glad to see how much recognition you all and the nice people at the HOF have given him with their short yet sweet bio. The reason Jason is left out because there isnt a noteable track or album he’s drummed on. (I dont think the bonus disc of Cures Greatest Hits Counts) He may be a talented drummer, but his drumming is not a match for The Cure or their signature sound. It’s awesome to see Roger back in the band, everyone knows their sound has been awful live without real keyboards in place. And thank you for calling out the awful tone the band have with their Schecter guitars, The Cure need to go back to playing Fender guitars, and pretty much anything Simon plays sounds good.. though if were gonna get technical.. the Eccleshall bass (peter hook status) sounds best for 89-92 Ernie ball music man 87-85 and Fender P Bass for everything older. As far as new material..that Gibson thunderbird looks rad.. but theyre aint a Cure song post 94′ that I can even get into aside from “Want”. much love mates!
    see you in Los Angeles.
    oh and hooray for Lol Tolhursts semi return to the band!!

  15. Wow! I feel so glad to know that Boris got the credit he deserved (and made Robert mad). Very good for the guys at the HOF… even the photo included (from the Disintegration era) is great!

  16. Boris Williams best drumers forever & ever ok!

  17. Agreed: The sound of Jason drums changes dramatically The Cure sound…in a bad way. Its style definitely does not go with the band sound.
    Shame, with Boris, they were AWESOME. Now, they’re just “meh”…

  18. Boris Williams = The BEST Cure drummer ever!!!
    Sadly Jason is behind Andy Anderson and Lawrence Tolhurst.

  19. The cure las good album awas Wish, now for me The Cure doesn’t exist!… i was a Cure follower, but after Wish all the music from Cure’s is a piece of ****, some songas are good, but not all the album.

  20. I think we all agree that Boris is the better drummer. The
    question is why did he bail? Did Robert not agree with something? I
    want to know!

  21. Michael Guerra

    Jason is a very good drummer. But, Boris was great. Sadly, he screwed up big time by leaving the group which may be why Smith could be angry. However, The Cure are still the best band in the world as Robert, Simon, and Roger are still together…

  22. Roger White

    I’m happy Boris got the recognition he deserves. Since he joined the band, The Cure became a huge success worldwide. When he left The Cure went downhill.
    There is a wise old saying: “A band is only as good as it’s drummer”. Period.

  23. No one cares about what Robert says, the thing is that since Wish, The Cure’s music it’s just poor.

    The best era was before Boris departure, so even when Jason was Cure’s drummer for a long time, the songs from his period are irrelevant if you compare it with the previous materials. There are not great songs anymore, just average songs, without great melodies.

    Boris Williams drumming beat pattern, is more creative and unique than Jason style. Jason is a good drummer, but an average one, nothing special in what he does, but Boris was unique. I know what I’m talking about because I’m a recording muscian!.

    Robert Smith needs to realize that The Cure is not the same awesome great band that used to be, this days The Cure’s music is a sad not funny joke!.

    PD: I was a hardcore fan of The Cure until the Wish album.

  24. It’s sad to be an old fan and witness how my favorite band declined more and more. It’s even more sad to notice that the main reason is the new drummer. Even more sad is to learn that Robert Smith doesn’t seem to notice or care about it at all. He seems to just want a drummer that can play the bare minimum (ruining the songs with his horrible sluggish tempo and awful drum fills) and a drummer he can freely boss around…

  25. I agree with all the above– Boris was amazing. Wild Mood Swings was the last album I bought– coincidence? KMKMKM, Disintegration, and Wish were perfect! I usually don’t give a crap about the drumming as I gravitate toward guitar, but must admit many of those songs had me in admiration.

  26. Monkedelic

    Like pretty much everyone who’s commented- I think Boris was the greatest drummer the Cure ever had as well as one of the greatest drummers in all of rock. My interest in the Cure’s new releases waned about the time Boris left, but primarily due to the music. I did however recently watch the Disintegration portion of their 2002 Trilogy concert in Berlin, and I have to hand it to Jason… I thought he did a phenomenal job on that one.

  27. Ryan Campbell


  28. Jeff Black

    Since Boris Williams left, I just purchased WMS and Bloodflowers… the drums really suck on them.

    And I definitely stopped buying The Cure’s stuff after getting the AWFUL Festival 2005 DVD: BAD SOUND, BAD VIDEO QUALITY (scenes taken by fans), BAD PERFORMANCES, ETC!!!!!

  29. Im so glad to read these comments praising Boris. He was perfect for The Cure.
    @Monkedelic: Jason did a not that good job on that DVD… just hear his drum sounds.. a shame!

  30. Boris Williams influenced how I play a lot. He is one of those drummers who created new style in drumming. These guys are usually not great technically but can blend with the band to create The Song. Jason might be great but unfortunately since Wish The Cure’s creativity has gone downhill…

  31. Boris Williams was the best drummer the Cure has had, period. That being said, I give a huge shout out to Andy Anderson who was a vey good drummer who was responsible for the Cure playing more aggressively and faster. His work on the Top is very good. Boris then took the band to another level w/HOTD, KMKMKM, Disintegration, and Wish. These are exceptional albums. Lol, although not technically a good drummer was more than adequate on TIB, 17 Seconds, Faith, and Pornography. Jason sadly, is not up to par w/his drumming. Outside of Bloodflowers, his work is just MEH. I understand that Jason uses a computer to keep up with the pace Boris established on the old songs. Good Lord.
    Bob’s writing outside of Bloodflowers has been less than inspired, too. The golden age of the Cure was 79-94. At this point, they are no more than a greatest hits band.

  32. I love and have always loved The Cure. They are one of the most important bands of the last 30 years right up there with The Floyd as far as im concerned. The guy who makes the comment that “a band as washed up as the cure should be happy to be in the HOF” is a complete idiot and has no idea what he’s taking about. The Cure inspired entire genres like goth and later shoegaze, which would never have happened without them. They also inspired my own music. They are in a league of their own in the way that when life gets tough there are few bands you can put on that touch the soul the way The Cure do. The name is completely fitting with what their music does. I do however, completely agree the best era of the cure ended when Boris and Porl left. They could have survived wo Porl, a lot of what Perry did on guitar sounded more in line with what Robert recored on the records. And his guitar tones were often better. It sometimes bothered me how Porl always had to “jazz up” the guitars live. But no doubt he was an amazing guitarist, and pushed Robert to play his best. That all died a slow death when Those two departed. What you were left with was a Cure that could only competently do the slow, sad stuff like bloodflowers or “going nowhere” which I absolutely love, a fluke Cure song from their later years that is right up there with the pre 94 stuff. Unfortunately unreleased in the US, god knows why, was the only really good song on the self titled record. But one of the great things about the cure was how diverse their sound was, they reached a lot of different audiences with that. Now the sound is so much more one dimensional. The whole set rolls along at the same meduim passed tempo. Even songs like Just like Heaven are slowed down… I saw them in LA last summer on their most recent tour. It was a noble effort, and great to be there and hear the songs- nostalgic. But as always leaves you wistful for the old shows that really rocked with Boris. I dont know what went on there, would love to know and an internet search to try to find out is what led me to this page today. I really believe the cure have it in them to do one more epic work in Robert’s lifetime, if he would get rid of Jason and bring Boris back, focus on his heath, get off the alcohol and loose a few pounds, his voice would sound a lot better, less labored, as it did years ago. I still hope to see this happen!

  33. Dan Christie

    I always love you perfectionist who couldn’t even think of playing even have as good as Jason Cooper. Boris William’s did put out incredible beats but Jason Cooper can play what he wrote…note for note. Porl may have been the better on strings but Perry as well as Gabrel can match them note for note as well. Let us not forget Cure is basically Robert’s band and is his baby that he has nourished to become in my humble opinion…the greatest live band of all time. My favorite hard rock band is Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page cannot hold a candle to how well Robert plays live. No…I have never seen them live. On my bucket list. They have enough live recordings to prove they play what one hears on their albums…and if anything their live music sounds even better. To each their own. You guys that argue over who is better at whatever. Damn guys. None of you can do what they do…sell out stadiums and Coliseums. They may not have a number 1 hit but they do have a number 2 and countless many more hits. I have everything they have ever produced and at 56 years of age, I still find gems I never heard before. They have soooo many great songs is hard to keep track of and I dont know how they can remember them all. So go ahead and keep bashing whatever musician. They are doing it and are without doubt…in my humble opinion…the greatest band to ever play music. Now I am going to listen to From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Prayers for Rain and then put my phone on repeat for The Big Hand and sleep like a baby

  34. Hi to all Cure fans! Just to say that I agree with what’s been said before me: The Cure began to turn into a greatest hits band when Boris and Porl departed. Jason is so limited that I cringe everytime I hear him playing the same short drumfill in almost every song and let’s not talk about the way he overplays the cymbals! The new songs are ruined by this guy. A sad ending for The Cure no doubt.

  35. Like many (or most) of you, whenever I hear and/or watch Jason Cooper play, I also cringe. As a drummer, myself, I have played many Cure songs. Jason overplays the older tracks …’s simply NOT what I’m expecting to hear….boring fills which are out of place and overuse of cymbals (someone needs to take these away from him)….and the tempo for many of the older tracks (At Night immediately comes to mind) is way off…..and on the “newer” Cure songs (i.e. since he joined the band)….he’s had zero creativity….I literally can’t even identify ONE drum track of his that is memorable. I have no idea why Robert can’t come to grips with this….Jason Cooper has almost single-handedly flushed their sound down the toilet.

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